Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Interior Doors: Part 4

Click on the links to see Part 1 of this series in which I explain how to remove painted-on screws & hinges, Part 2 of this series in which I explain how to strip paint off of hinges, and Part 3 in which I spray painted the hinges and installed them.

Before painting the doors, they needed a very good cleaning.   It seems the previous homeowners had a kid that like to write on the doors with crayons.  Every.  Single.  Door.  (Since the doors were off the hinges, I put them on saw horses while working on them).  I tried using a paste made with baking soda & water, but that didn't work.
(Sorry that some of the pictures are bad.  I did most of the work at night after work).

Magic Erasers did the trick with cleaning the doors.

After cleaning the doors, I wiped them down to remove any excess water and let them dry for a bit.  I also taped off any hardware I couldn't remove.  I used tin foil on the handles (a great idea from Pinterest!).

I then painted two coats of Behr's Ultra Pure White satin on one side of the door and let it dry overnight and all day.  The next evening, I would flip the door over and paint two coats on the other side and let it dry.  Afterwards, I painted any trim in the doorways that still needed it and let it dry overnight and all day as well.  Then on the next day, I put the hinges back on the door and also included a hinge-pin door stopper.

It was then time to hang the door back up.  I propped it up using books and magazines to get it to the right height and matched the hinge on the door to the spot on the doorway and just screwed them in - fairly easy.

Here is one set of doors after I was finished with the whole process.  The doors look so much cleaner and they really brighten up the entire house!

Here is a side by side before and after of two of the doors.
Again, it's not the greatest picture because it was taken at night, but you can see how much better the door on the left looks compared to the door on the right.

Although it was a bit of a long process (over 2 weeks - it took me awhile to get my flow down, plus you can't speed up dry time for paint), it was completely worth it!  I still have to paint the linen closet in the hallway and the interior part of the french doors, but this part of the project is officially d-o-n-e, done!

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