Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Project Plans: Plank Headboard - Duluth Gave Me A Kick In The Pants!

As I mentioned in the last post, I'm working with Duluth Trading Co, who are giving me a kick in the pants to get some projects done!  I've also mentioned previously that life has been quite busy lately, so I haven't gotten as many things done as I've been wanting to.  So, this kick in the pants is exactly what I've needed!  I'm actually going to be very ambitious and try to get 2 projects done that I've been wanting to do for a long time.  

The first project?  A plank headboard for my master bedroom!  I've been collecting some great ideas from blog-land onto my Pinterest board.  These are my inspirations:
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Monday, April 21, 2014

Address Plaque

Well, I still don't have a studio reveal for you.  The last, main part of pulling the room together was putting up the gallery wall.  I did that a couple of weekends ago and wasn't happy with it.! So, I took it down and quickly formulated Plan B.  Plan B required a few new projects to be done, so I've been working on those and hopefully will get this darn gallery wall up soon.

But, I did get this project done!

Like most of my projects, I bought the supplies awhile ago, but finally took the time to get it done. I already had the numbers on hand - they were the original gold/brass ones that were on the trim of my house, but I took them down because I bought this solar one at Big Lots.
Yeah... I forgot to take a picture of it while it was still up on the garage wall.  Oops.  The solar batteries never worked and I had to use regular batteries.  And they would only last 2 weeks at a time, so I gave up on replacing them long ago.

I bought a wood plaque at Home Depot - I think it was a few bucks - maybe $5?   The gold/brass numbers were spray painted satin nickel.   I arranged them on the plaque and used the painter's tape to make sure they were fairly level.

While I had the numbers on the plaque, I made sure to start the screw holes so I would know where to place the numbers after I was all done and ready to screw them in.  Thinkin' ahead!

I then sanded the plaque and stained it in Minwax's Dark Walnut.  This is after the first coat.

I ended up doing 3 coats.  I also used Minwax paste wax on top after everything was dry (I should have used Polycrylic since this was going outdoors, but I really wanted to try that wax).

I used these Bench Cookies to hold up the plaque - it made it a lot easier to work with the stain.  If you are interested in buying these, I found this link on Amazon here.  My dad actually gave these to me - he's a tool junkie!

My previous address sign had recessed holes in the back so when hung, it sat flush against the garage wall.  This new plaque didn't have anything on the back at all, so I bought these hangers from Joann.  I was worried about it staying on (it often gets super windy out here), so I added the velcro Command strip on the bottom to help keep it from moving when it does get windy.

So far, it seems to be holding up fairly nicely, but it hasn't been super windy yet.  That will be the true test.

It looks so much better than the other sign and it's clearly visible from the street (which is the point, right?).   Another little project completed!

*I blurred a couple of the numbers for privacy reasons - my big brother would be so proud!  :)

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful time celebrating and enjoying time with family & friends!

My extent of crafting and decor for this Easter are these jute-wrapped & baker's twine-wrapped plastic eggs and the cork bunny that sit on the end of my mantel.  To make the jute-wrapped & baker-s twine-wrapped plastic eggs, just wrap the jute or baker's twine around those cheap plastic eggs and hot glue them as you go.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Duluth Wants To Give You A Kick In The Pants!

Have you heard of Duluth Trading Co?  They're a company that is known for their Longtail T Shirts, which in their words "...solved the age old, notorious and much feared problem known as Plumber's Butt".  They also have a lot of other workwear, footwear, accessories  - they're pretty awesome and have a great sense of humor.  I love that in a brand!

I'm going to be working with them (more on that later), but right now they are having a great contest on their Facebook page:  they want to give you a good Kick In The Pants to get your project done by having you share your projects on their Facebook page.  They may just award your project with $200 in cash and $200 in Duluth Trading Co. gear!  Pretty sweet, right?  If you're like me, I'm sure you have some that are needing to be finished (or started).  So, head on over there and submit your project.  Let me know in the comments if you do, so I can make sure to check them out!

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This post is sponsored by Duluth Trading Co.  All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cork Bunny

Hey Peeps!
If you remember, my brother-in-law is a winemaker that I got a ton of un-used corks from.  I've been trying out various cork projects as they come to mind.

After making this cork heart for Valentine's day, I decided to make something for Easter.  A Peep-shaped bunny?  Sure!  Why not?

This was easy to make - I just laid out the corks on a table until I got the shape I wanted.  Then, I hot glued the corks together.  Anyone else have any Easter projects you're working on?

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Baked Potato Soup - Recipe Review

It's officially Spring, but here in Southern California we've had Spring-like weather for most of Winter.  However, now that it's officially Spring, we're getting Winter-like weather.  Wait - huh?  Yep - we've had very little rain this Winter (we're in a drought), but over the last week, we've gotten some rain and more rain is in the forecast for this week.   Woo hoo!  So, I decided to try out Hi Sugarplum!'s Simple Crockpot Potato Soup recipe.  I've been on a quest to find the best potato soup crockpot recipe and I think I got pretty close on this one.

I won't go into details of the recipe since you can just click on the link and get it from Hi Sugarplum's blog, but this is what all the ingredients look like once you put them together in the crockpot.

And look at how it turned out!

What did I think?  It was good, but not great.  Although, it's the best creamy potato soup recipe I've found.  I think that one main thing prevented it from being great - the recipe said to put the hashbrown potatoes in frozen, but I really think they should be thawed out first.   After the recommended time of 5 hours plus the additional 30 minutes after adding the cream cheese, the potatoes weren't very soft.  And I like my potatoes soft.  So, I let it cook for an extra hour and the potatoes had softened a bit more, but not completely.  I think if they had been thawed out first, this would have come out perfectly!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

So, This Happened...(And An Almost Studio Reveal)

I think I've mentioned before that life has been pretty busy lately (therefore, the lack of posts).  I was starting to get back on a DIY kick and then this happened...