Sunday, June 3, 2012

Interior Doors: Part 3

Click on the links to see Part 1 of this series in which I explain how to remove painted-on screws & hinges and Part 2 in which I explain how to strip paint off of hinges.

Now that the hinges were removed and the paint stripped off of them, it was time to get these babies looking pretty.  Upon stripping the paint off of the hinges, I discovered that they are brass - CURSES!  I have expressed my hatred in the past for brass - the bright, shiny kind.  So, step 3 of spray painting the hinges became a necessity, which was fine because I was able to do it while waiting for the paint to dry on the doors.

So, again, this is what I started with after I cleaned up the hinges.

I took my trusty 'ole spray paint...

...and gave them a couple of coats on the front and back.
Although you wouldn't be able to see the back of the hinge because it would be attached to the door and the door jamb, you would still be able to see the circular part that the hinge pin goes into when you open and close the door.

I originally sprayed the screw heads also.  They were painted white and it would have been too tedious and time-consuming to strip the paint from those also.

As a side-note, when I tried putting these screws back in, some of them started to get stripped again.  So, I ended up using the screws below that I bought at Home Depot.  I took one of the original screws and had an associate there help me to find replacements.  These worked perfectly.  At 98 cents per bag, it was worth the $11 I spent on these new screws because putting the old ones back in was starting to be a headache.

Another side-note, my spray paint trigger broke after the 2nd coat.  I didn't really care for the sparkly finish in the paint for the hinges, but that's what I had on hand.  Since I needed to get a new can, I picked up Krylon's Metallic Satin Nickel.  I ended up liking this one much better because it didn't give a shiny, sparkly finish (and it was cheaper too).  I gave a quick coat to cover the Rustoleum and all was right in the world again.

Here is a before & after of the hinges.



Much, much better!  And please ignore the scratch mark on the left of the above hinge.   I did that while screwing in the new screws.  I did that on several of them - oopsie!  Oh well - doesn't need to be perfect, especially because they look so much better than before.

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