Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Wreath

Hey there!  I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far.  It's been pretty warm here in Southern California.  We didn't get much of a winter, so I'm thinking that the summer heat is only going to get worse.  And I am dreading that!  Typically, the extreme heat just sucks the energy out of me, but so far, I've had tons of motivation to get things done around here.  That's why I've been a bit M.I.A. on the bloggy blog.  I've mostly been doing the boring stuff:  painting, cleaning baseboards, cleaning blinds (and more painting to come).  Nothing terribly too exciting.  But, I did manage to get a crafty project done and now I'm finally getting to this post.    Whew!  ***Please see my updates near the end of the post***

I saw this great summer wreath on Sand and Sisal's blog this month.  I pinned it right away and knew I had to make something similar very soon.  So, after I finished painting my interior doors, I gathered up my supplies and made it.  Here's a how-to for you...

Supplies Needed:
*  Pool toy noodle
*  Duct tape
*  Beach decor of your choosing
*  Rope and or jute  
*  Hot glue & glue gun

1)  As you can see in the picture above, you'll need to form a circle with the noodle and then use duct tape to tape them end to end. (I got my noodle at the Dollar Tree)

2)  Get your rope and/or jute and start hot gluing away (I started where the duct tape is).  I already had sisal and jute on hand, but not enough of both, so I alternated.  My stepmom, Liz, suggested it and boy, is she a smartie!  So, you just wrap, wrap, wrap, glue, and repeat.

3)  And keep wrapping.

Until you get this.

4)  I made felt & dropcloth flowers in beachy-type colors using this technique by Home Stories A to Z (she included a great video tutorial).

5)  I then hot glued a starfish, sand dollar, a couple of driftwood pieces, and my felt flowers to the bottom of the wreath. 

6)   I added pretty aqua colored ribbon to hang the wreath from.
Oh. My. Word.  I knew my security screen door was bad, but geez louise!  That's bad.  (I will be putting in a new entry door next month and this screen door may be going bye bye too).   Please ignore it and just look at the pretty wreath.  Wait!  Here's a better shot.

Originally when I made the wreath and hung it up on the door, it hung in an egg shape.  I was not happy with it - I tried to deal with it for a couple of days, but it bugged me.  It turns out it was hanging that way because I hung it from the part where it was duct taped.  So, I took everything off and flipped it 180 degrees and re-glued everything. It was a pain and although it doesn't hang like a circle (the rope is too heavy for the foam noodle), it's much better in this new oval shape than the egg shape.  

Thanks for taking a look and bearing with my silent moments on the blog this month.  Ok, now back to more blinds-cleaning for me.  

***Update:  I noticed that over time, my wreath kept sagging into an oval, oblong shape.  It appears that the pool noodle couldn't withstand the weight of both the sisal & jute.  I would suggest that you use a more substantial wreath form for this project and save the pool noodle for a wreath that uses lighter material (like for yarn or fabric).  I bought a straw wreath form, so I'll be re-doing this wreath soon.  With all the hot glue used, this will not be an easy task, but I really love this wreath.***
***Update #2:  To see how my wreath looks now, click here.***

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  1. Love it! I'm a sucker for anything beachy! Glad you shared it at Shine on Fridays!!

  2. This is really cute!! I love the combination of the jute and the sisal and using the pool noodle is also such a great idea! The wreath forms in the stores are not very cheap so this is a great alternative - love how you added the felt flowers too!


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