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DIY Peter Pan Group Costumes - Peter Pan

Alright!  Continuing on with our group Peter Pan group costumes...we have Peter Pan!
Soooo, I was too busy taking pictures of the kids at the Disneyland Halloween Party to remember to have my friend take one of me.  Therefore, I don't have any decent pictures of me in full costume.  So this will have to do for the "official" title picture.

I'm not going to go into every single step because I followed this tutorial by its a lisa for the shirt & hat and it was really very easy!  In fact, we overheard a couple of people at the Disneyland Halloween Party comment on how clever it was to have just cut a t-shirt (one of the commenters was wearing a store-bought Peter Pan costume which I'm sure wasn't cheap!).

First, I drew some zig zags on both sleeves and just cut them with scissors.

After cutting the sleeves, I tried on my shirt and realized that it was just too big.  So, I pinned the sides and sewed it all up so it fit better.  BUT, if you buy the right size, you shouldn't have to do any sewing at all!

At the bottom of the shirt , I drew more zig zag lines (although, it's really hard to see the lines I drew here) and cut away.

In the tutorial, she tells you to cut the collar & then cut a slit down the middle for the new folded collar.  I sometimes forget when I'm cutting out the collar, to follow the lines of the collar instead of cutting through both the front & back at the same time and that's what I accidentally did here, so the shirt kept slipping at my shoulders.  It was annoying, but nothing I couldn't deal with.

Next up, is the hat.  In the tutorial, she provides a template for the hat, but when I printed it out, it was too small.  So, I re-drew it and saved it as a PDF file, however in order for me to attach it to this post, I had to change it to a JPEG file.  If this file doesn't work for you, just message me & I'll send you the PDF file.  :)

Back to the hat...I used 2 sheets of felt for the hat and using the template, I cut the pieces out.  I sewed up all of the edges except for the bottom edge.  You'll want to leave that section open since that's the part that sits on your noggin.

I probably could have saved some money by using red felt that I already had in my stash to make a feather, but my brain was already focused & thinking "need real feathers.  must get real feathers", so I bought some feathers at Joann's.  I originally had the bright idea to use food coloring to dye the feathers, but DUH!  Feathers are water proof!  I happened to have red paint in my stash, so I just painted the roses red.  Oops - wrong movie.  I painted the feather red.

I cut a little slit in the hat where I could tuck the feather in and just reinforced it with some hot glue.

Add a belt of some sort, leggings, and booties and ta da!  Instant Peter Pan.  Obviously I'm not in Never Never Land with that messy bed and messy hair.  Ugh!

 And this picture is too grainy (taken at the Disneyland Halloween Party), but you get the gist.

Here's a breakdown of the cost:
Leggings (Forever 21) - $3.60 
T-shirt (Walmart - on sale!) - $2 
2 pieces of felt for the hat (Joann - on sale!) - $0.66
Feathers (12 piece set at $2.49 at Joann) - $0.20
Belt - already had
Booties - already had
Total was about $6.50!  So cheap AND easy!   

I have 1 more tutorial coming up for ya, so I'll be back!

Also, see Tinkerbell and Tick Tock Croc for 2 other costumes in our group.

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