Friday, October 9, 2015

DIY Peter Pan Group Costumes: All of the Costumes!

I've been sharing our DIY costumes for the Disneyland Halloween Party that we went to a couple of weeks ago and here's a round-up of all of them.
Top picture via of Davelandweb
I previously shared all of our DIY Peter Pan group costumes that we DIY'd and here's the last costume in our group!

My friend found this costume at Kohl's for $10!  And during the first week of August!  It was crazy that she was able to find it for so cheap and it was the first place she shopped at!  The hat is obviously not the same, but it works.  I hot glued a large feather that she bought at Joann (I think those go for no more than $5 and if you have a coupon, even better!).   The only other thing she had to buy was the hook.  I'm not sure how much she bought it for, but I found some Amazon going for as little as $6.

In case you missed the other costumes, here they are - just click on the link to go to the original posts.

Also, here's a YouTube Video by Undercover Tourist that we're in!  This is from the night we went to Disneyland for the Halloween Party.   You can see us at the 1:44 mark (you can see me plain as day, but our Capt Hook, Tiger Lily, and Tick Tock Croc are also in the shot) and at the 2:21 mark (Mr. Smee & Tinkerbell).  Thanks to my BBF (best bloggy friend) Brenda at Chatting Over Chocolate for sending me the video!  She and her family were watching it and spotted me in it (she got a sneak peek of our costumes, so she knew what I was wearing)!

In case the video isn't working, you can just click here Undercover Tourist.  This leads you directly to the video on their YouTube channel.

Our costumes have been done since the end of September because we went to the very first night of the Disneyland Halloween Party and it's so nice to have our costumes done so early!  What are you going to be for Halloween???

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  1. This is awesome. Group costumes are the best and these are all on point!

  2. Wow, these DIY Peter Pan Group Costumes ideas are superb. I really liked all these ideas. Thanks my friend for this great share. I bought costly costumes for my son’s Peter Pan birthday party that I hosted at some indoor party NYC venues. I wish I could have found this post earlier!!


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