Monday, October 31, 2011

Dishwasher Sign

Many, many, many years ago, I made some of these dishwasher clean/dirty signs as Christmas stocking stuffers for family.  Since it was so long ago, I can't remember if this was my own creation or if I saw it somewhere in a magazine.  Either way, now that I have a working dishwasher, I decided I needed to make one for myself so I could remember if the dishes in the dishwasher were clean or dirty (you would think that since I'm the only one that lives in this house, that I would be able to remember.  But, actually, since I am the only one here, I don't need to run it that often, so sometimes I forget).   (Also, please  excuse the bad night time pictures).

Here is a list of supplies you will need:
*An old CD that you don't use anymore
*Decorative paper (I used scrapbooking paper) and other embellishments
*Scissors or a circle cutter
*Crop-a-dile or something to punch a hole through the CD
*Mod Podge or some sort of adhesive (I ended up not using that scrapbooking glue in the picture), but I strongly recommend the Mod Podge.
*Magnet or suction hook or other type of adhesive (I like the 3M Command brand - it's easily removable) to attach the CD/sign to your dishwasher

1)  I don't have a circle cutter anymore, so I traced the outline of the CD onto my scrapbooking paper (on the backside) and just trimmed it up to fit the CD.

2)  I decided I was going to use ribbon in the middle to separate the "Clean" and "Dirty" sides of the sign.  I attached the ribbon to the scrapbooking paper first.
3)  Then, using a sponge brush, I put Mod Podge all over the CD and put the paper onto it.

4)  I then added letter stickers to it and made sure that they were facing the right direction.

5)  Once the letters were on, I put more Mod Podge on top of it.  When I made these several years ago, I didn't know the wonder of Mod Podge and didn't seal the paper with anything.  Well, because of this, the sign wasn't very durable - as water accidentally got on it, the paper was starting to tatter or tear.

6)  Once it was fully dry (which didn't take too long), I used my handy dandy Crop-a-dile to punch the holes.  It punches through the CD like buttah!  (you can see a sneak peek of one of my other project I did tonight that I'll be posting tomorrow).

And here it is in action.  Ta da! 

Now, I just have to figure out how to get the suction hook to stay without falling down every 20 seconds (magnets don't work on my dishwasher).  Sigh...


  1. I sooo need to make one of these for our dishwasher... which happens to be the same model that you have.

  2. How funny that you have the same dishwasher! :)
    I'm still trying to think of a way to hang this sign without permanently sticking it to the dishwasher...cue the Jeopardy theme song.

  3. those 3m hooks you can buy really do the trick


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