Monday, November 11, 2013

Hall Bathroom Reno: Baseboards

Aaaand we're back to the Hall Bathroom reno!  With the demo & painting done, next up were the baseboards.  I needed to install these before grouting the tile because the previous homeowners grouted all of the tile right up to the baseboards.  (Sneak peek alert - these pictures show the tile that was installed, but not finished yet.  I'll post later about the tile process).

First up, I measured the current baseboards.  Mine were 2 1/4" tall.  Originally, when I measured, I came up with a 2" measurement.  And this is why...
For some reason that one baseboard was altered on that edge.  What the heck?  Before realizing that it was altered, I measured that side and it came out to 2".  Yes, I measured the other side on the right as well, but it was hard to see the measurement so close to the ground and at a weird angle and I thought it also came out to 2".  Anyways, when I went to Home Depot to look for the baseboard and get other supplies, I couldn't find any baseboards at a 2" height.  So, after I got home and re-measured, I realized the problem.  Back to Home Depot I went and I got my correct baseboards.

I then did more measurements and using my saw & miter box, I cut 2 pieces to fit in those spots (my sister is borrowing my sliding miter saw so I didn't get to use my fancy saw).  Since the 2 pieces meet in the corner, I made sure to cut those ends at a 45 degree angle, so that I would get that nice mitered edge.

Next up, I hammered them in place.  I was having a hard time hammering them in so close to the ground (also, I'm right-handed, so I couldn't get a good angle in some spots), so I pre-drilled holes and then hammered the nails in.  Worked perfectly.

As you can see in the pictures, the seams were very noticeable.  I caulked all those up and used my caulking tool, to make it look all nice and neat.

You can see in a couple of pictures that the old baseboards were a cream color.  So, all the baseboards in the bathroom got a fresh coat of Ultra White paint by Behr (off-the-shelf).

Yes, I know there's that blob of paint in the corner that got on the grout.  I tried to be as careful as possible, but it's a you-know-what to paint baseboards when the grout is right up against it.  But since this will be behind the new vanity, no one will ever see it.  :)

More on the tiling process soon to come!

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