Saturday, November 30, 2013

Etsy Shop Feature: Joy Frameworks

Hello!  I've been busy, busy lately - lots of things going on!  The hall bathroom has been done for a couple of weeks - I'll be sharing the reveal soon.

Today, I wanted to share an Etsy shop with you - Joy Frameworks.   A lot of her items are made from antique ceiling tins.  I've been eyeballing her stuff for a long time and finally ordered a couple of items (both made from the ceiling tins).

First of all, my items came wrapped beautifully!  An early Christmas gift for myself.  :)

In the vellum bag, were these cute, star-shaped ornaments.  I can't wait to hang these on my Christmas tree!

And check out this cute "Welcome" sign!

For this spot on my front porch, I have a sign for Christmas and one for Halloween.  But, I've been wanting a sign that I can put up year-round and now I have one!  I just love it!  (it gets really windy here, so I put a Command velcro strip on the back to help it stick to the house and not blow off).

Make sure to check out Joy Frameworks - she's got great items and they would make great Christmas gifts for yourself or others!

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