Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Top 5 Favorite Christmas Movies

Hello!  I'm back from a little blog break.  The holidays are a busy, busy time and it has definitely been busy around here.  Not only have I been busy getting things ready for the holidays, but I've completed some projects (and some are almost completed), but just not ready to share them quite yet.  Stay tuned for those...

Since I don't have any current Christmas projects to share (most that I've done so far are just repeats of previous projects), I'm going to share my favorite Christmas movies.  These are great for getting in the Christmas mood!

I think this is one of my all-time favorite Christmas movies.  I'm a huge Will Ferrell fan, but this movie is funny, yet touching at the same time.  I saw this 3 times when it first came out.  :)
Via IMDB.com
Another movie that I saw 3 times at the theater - The Nightmare Before Christmas!  I love Tim Burton and am a huge Danny Elfman fan.   This movie has some wonderful music and is great for both Halloween & Christmas.  Not only is it a great holiday movie, but it's a great story about being true to yourself and accepting yourself for who you are.
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If you're looking for laughs, this is a great one!  And there's lots of great actors in this too.  So, so funny!
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I loooooooove this movie!  This is another one with lots of great actors.  There's several different story lines that all kind of intermix really nicely.  You'll laugh, cry, and cheer for these characters.
Via IMDB.com

Ok, seriously, this cannot be left off the list.  It's a classic and will make you laugh the whole time!
Via IMDB.com
I'll be watching these this year while wrapping gifts.  And hopefully that doesn't distract me from getting that done.  ;)

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