Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Gas Range

I'm slooooowly converting all of my kitchen appliances to stainless steel.  Here is the newest addition the kitchen family...

Isn't she a beaut?!  Ok, so, it's not anything super fancy, but it looks really nice in there with the updated dishwasher and fridge. 

Although, I was not looking to convert the appliances to stainless steel so quickly, opportunities arose.  And when opportunities arise, you sometimes just have to grab them while they're there!  After a few years of researching gas ranges, I scored a great deal online this past Black Friday.  I was on the Home Depot website and since they started their Black Friday sale early, it gave me time to think about it and do more research before taking the plunge and I'm sure glad I did.

The old range was decent enough, but it was white & the oven door's hinges were a little off.  It seemed to work fine, but you just had to make sure to really push the door in.

Also, the grates were nice because it was one long piece - it made sliding pots and pans to another burner really easy.  But, then it also made it more difficult to clean them really good.
There would be no cleaning of the grates via this pin from Pinterest.  Hmph.

But, with the new range, the grates are separated, yet when sitting on the stove, the design makes it act like one big piece - pretty nifty.

The night before the delivery, I removed the old range (got some help from my stepdad since I wasn't able to pull it away from the wall myself - I needed some extra muscles).  Once it was pulled away from the wall, I just unplugged it from the outlet, shut off the gas valve, and unscrewed the gas line from the valve.

Wow!  You see that dirty floor?  Nasty.  Ick.

I made sure to clean it up really well because who knows when it will be cleaned again.  :)

The delivery guys came at 7am.  On Sunday morning.  Yeesh, that's early.  But I'm not complaining - just glad I didn't have to wait around for hours.  I decided to have them install it because when my old range was reinstalled after doing work in the kitchen (not by me, for the record), it would faintly smell like gas most of the time the oven was on, so I thought it would be good for them to install it to ensure that it was done correctly.  It was worth the extra bucks to have them take care of that for me.

Oh, you want to see the new range again?  Sure, why not!

I need to adjust the height on it still, but it sure is looking good in there.  And did I mention that it's a self-cleaning oven?  Woo!

So, I guess I need to start researching prices & details on over-the-range microwaves next and the conversion will be complete.  I'm waiting for you, Black Friday!

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