Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Shopping

My bff and I had our first outing 6 years ago on New Year's Day,  so we decided to spend this New Year's Day together by going to a movie, lunch, and a bit of shopping.  Corny - yes, but it was really just an excuse to get together.  :)   And by the way, we went to the 10:10am movie showing and wow - it was totally dead there.  When the movie let out by 12pm and we went to a restaurant - it was still really dead out.  I guess everyone was still sleeping away their New Year's hangover.

Just wanted to share some of my findings from shopping today...

I have been looking for one of these ceramic egg crates.  I saw them on a blog (can't remember which one) and thought it was a clever idea to put jewelry in for daily use - easy to grab and go.  There was a link to a site where it was, I think $12.  I didn't want to spend the money at the time, but had regretted not getting it.  I ended up seeing it online at Cost Plus World Market and for only $5.99!  I happened to be by the store today and they had 2 left in white.  Score!

Then,  I went to Joann to use a gift card I got for Christmas.  I bought some of the smaller letters (12 inch) for a project.  I originally was going to get the larger ones.  They were 23 1/2 inches - I decided they were way too big and I didn't think they were chunky enough.

Here are some cute mugs from Target.  I almost got this Rome one since I was just there and it happens to be in the blue/aqua color I love.  And that moped is too cute.  But, I don't drink coffee and rarely use mugs, so I didn't get it.  :(

This New York City one was cute too.  I've been there as well and love the coral color.  They also had a Miami and Paris one too.  I thought about getting the whole set, but I've never been to Paris (yet) and still couldn't justify getting them since I don't use mugs.  They were very hard to resist.

Another Target find - these canisters with chalkboard tags are so cool!  I love the lid colors and anything chalkboard is a bonus!  Didn't purchase these either, though.

It was a really good day and after being sick for 2 days, it was good to get out, but boy was I beat by the time I got home!  
Can't wait to start some new projects for the new year and see what everyone else has in store!

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