Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Adventures in Painting French Doors: Part 2

The saga continues... I looked back and I have been working on these darn french doors since September.  What the?!  How did 4 1/2 months go by already?  Geez!  (You can see my "progress" here and here).  Well, I decided over the weekend to finally get going on this project and get it done before I work on any other projects.

If you follow me on Twitter, then you saw that I posted this picture on Sunday...

I was starting to make some progress and it was already looking so much better and that gave me the extra motivation I needed to get it completed (and yes, I'll be painting the moulding/casing to match the doors).  I had planned on taking only another day or two to finish, when this happened.

I peeled off the tape from the door and the frickin' paint peeled off with it!  What a hot mess!  This did not happen when I did the sidelite (the little door on the left).  It's a good thing I hadn't started on the other doors yet!  The only thing that I can think of as to why this happened is because the trim around the little windows are plastic.  So, I will have to peel and/or scrape that paint off the plastic trim and re-tape all those windows (groan).  Then, I'm going to use some primer on the plastic and then re-paint.  Hopefully, that will do the trick (please, please, please).

I'll keep you posted!

P.S.  In case anyone is wondering why I didn't choose a cool color like black for the doors, it's because I don't get a lot of good natural light in the house.  The french doors & side lites take up almost that entire wall space in the living room, so I'm trying to keep it as light as I can, especially because I may go a tad darker with the wall color someday (not too dark, but maybe a gray-ish color).   I do confess, though, that black doors are very, very pretty, but I'm just going to stick with white doors (for now).

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