Monday, January 21, 2013

Garage Organization: Cleaning the Cabinets

It's only mid-January and I've already crossed a few things off of my 2013 project list!  Saaah-weet!  I'm usually a lot more motivated when the weather is cooler, so I'm trying to take advantage of that right now.  :)

Even though I'm not completely ready to tackle the rest of my garage organization project, I got a wild hair to do #2 on this list, which is to clean the inside of the garage cabinets and the doors of the cabinets.  This really needed to be done before I could actually organize anything inside because it was a big dusty mess inside those cabinets!  There's really not a whole lot to show, but I did snap a couple of pictures so you could see an example of how dirty the shelves were.
Nasty, right?  These particular shelves stored bottles of oil & I have no idea what that red stuff was on that top shelf, but it was a goopy mess (for the record, I did not create any of the messes inside these cabinets).

After some elbow grease, look at how nicely they came out.  The shelves are even shiny now!

All of my cabinets look this nice inside now - no more layers of dirt and dust.  Oh, wait - I lied.  Not all my cabinets look like this.  One cabinet is completely filled with all kinds of supplies, so once I'm ready to start the actual organization of the "stuff", that cabinet will get cleaned once it's emptied.  I have another cabinet that was filled with stuff too, but it was already well organized, so I was still able to clean inside that one (plus, it happened that it wasn't too dirty inside).

Here's a re-visit of my list for this project:
1)  Take everything off the storage shelves above the washer/dryer and move the shelves back to their original place.
2)  Clean up the doors and insides of the cabinets.
3)  Reorganize inside the cabinets by category (use plastic bins/tupperware/ziplock baggies). 

4)  Buy hooks to hang some items up on the walls.
5)  Re-do the laundry area to make it "prettier" **this actually has it's own list now**

I also originally had a few other things on this list that involved painting, but painting doesn't really fit in the "garage organization" category, so I have taken them off this particular list.

Now that I've finished #2, I'm not going to do #3 quite yet.  I have moved back to painting the french doors.  I reaaaally want (need) to get this done, so I've told myself I have to finish this before I can move on to anything else - this was my motivation to get it completed and it seems to be working.   :)

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