Monday, May 5, 2014

Studio Reveal! The Details

Yep!  The studio reveal gets another post!  Today is all about the details, so be prepared for lots of pictures.  (You can check out the studio reveal here and "the plan" here).

1)  Lighting
The floor lamp I had in the room previously wasn't providing enough light.  I've been eyeballing these Ikea Foto light fixtures for awhile now and decided it would work perfectly in the studio and provide enough light to get projects done.

***Possible future project:  make one of those fabric cord hiders like in Thrifty Decor Chick's office.    I definitely don't like how the cord stands out on the ceiling and wall, but it's worth it to have the light hanging from the ceiling now.
Via Thrifty Decor Chick
(Is the cord supposed to drape like that?  I'm thinking that might look better than how I have it now - just not sure if there will be enough cord).

I previously shared this project and it will come in handy for my sewing projects!  I originally thought to place this in front of the sewing machine (makes sense, right?), but I was worried about my clothes catching on it since this would be the main work spot.  
***I'm re-thinking this and may move it after all.

And do you see all those pretty colors on my work station?  Aquas, turquoises and corals.  Love!

I hot glued aqua ribbon to the fronts of these Ikea fabric bins to break up all the pink.  These temporary labels were stuck onto the ribbons with double-sided tape.   (I see that they don't have these bins in pink anymore and they have some good colors now!  What the heck!  I wish they would have had white when I originally bought these). 

I made this 3 tiered stand a long time ago and found a new use for it!  It sits on my Billy bookcase & holds my baker's twine, jute and sisal.

I'm loving these Ikea boxes.  They hold lots of stuff and look great.

Have I ever mentioned my love of maps?  It goes along with my love of travel.  I can stare at a map for hours.   Some old photo boxes got a new life after I covered them in maps.
Both the map boxes & the white Ikea boxes got new labels too.  I just used washi tape & my label maker.

I also shared this awhile back.  Spray paint is amazing stuff people.  

Here is everything all set up nicely on the Billy bookcase.  There's seriously a ton that fits.  Not only do I have a lot of my crafting supplies here, but there's also office supplies, travel books, craft books, label makers, crafting machines, my sewing box, printer & photo paper, and my printer.

This is another item that I had been eyeballing for quite some time before I bought it.  Right now it holds some craft supplies & paints, but I'm sure that might change over time.  I love that it has wheels, so if I need more space, I can just push it out of the way.

When this popped up on Pick Your Plum, I couldn't resist.  It arrived with a broken handle, but that was nothing that Gorilla Glue Super Glue couldn't fix.  

 10)  Martha Stewart's Hanging Pockets & Tiered Stand
These hanging pockets were perfect for my paperwork piles.  Anything that needs to be addressed (filing, bills, appointment slips, etc) goes in here and it's working out great so far.  The tiered stand is from Target and was a gift from a friend.  I had planned to put it in the kitchen, but it was too tall to put on the counter under my cabinets!

11)  Ikea's Variera Plastic Bag Holder
I'm not gonna lie.  This wasn't my idea - I saw it online.  But, it's pretty genius.  I had rolls of wrapping paper strewn underneath the guest bed and these 2 bag holders corralled them all into one spot.

12)  Gallery Wall  
I decided to use items that inspired me - mostly being travel & art.

One of my best friends drew this for me.  Yes, you read that correctly.  She DREW it.  I can't not hang that in my gallery wall because it's pretty awesome!

I had a leftover frame (the glass missing), so I grabbed a map I had on hand (did I mention my love of maps?) and just put it in there.  I chose Europe, including Italy.  I finally made it to Italy about 1 1/2 years ago and still daydream of going to other parts of Europe one day.

I bought this Ribba Ikea frame for the sole purpose of turning it into a pegboard.
***Possible future project - long story, but I don't have the tools yet to make this happen, so this will get done when I have them.

Yep.  I have one.  A Keep Calm And Carry On sign.  Don't hate.  I actually liked these before the "trend" - I love British things and in case you don't know the history, these were motivational posters created by the British government before World War II started and I like the message it gives.

The embroidery hoop holds a piece of drop cloth that I ironed on this printable from The Graphics Fairy.  It's an image of a Rome postage stamp, so it goes with my travel theme.
***Possible future project:  I'm thinking to spray paint the hoop so it doesn't look too drab.

The 3 pictures are from Ikea.  It was a set of 5 and they were made to resemble postage stamps from the country in the picture and it ties in with the iron-on I made above.

Fabric covered cork board - I repurposed this cork board by covering it in fabric that I got from Pick Your Plum and just stapled it taut.  

This California wood shape I got from Pick Your Plum.  

It came blank and I picked a couple of paint colors I hand on hand that would also go with the other colors in the room.  I just used an artist brush to paint it on for more control.  I painted 3 coats of the coral and 2 coats of the aqua edging.

It wasn't a smooth finish, but I don't mind the brush strokes.  Then, I formed a piece of jute into a heart shape and hot-glued it in the approximate spot of where I live.

Some odds & ends...
The long shelf that I installed is from Ikea (the name is escaping me right now) - it was repurposed from the living room and I thought it would work better in here.  These containers hold some of my regularly used sewing supplies - scissors, pins, safety pins.

These containers I also collected over time.  I believe the utensil holder came from Home Goods (I think it was originally a tea light holder) and the mini coral colander & tray came from Home Goods also.  I love that place.  The berry basket is actually a real cardboard berry basket - I just loved that it came in this color!  Luckily, it never got soiled and was in good shape.  

The pretty blue egg crate came from Cost Plus World Market and I use it to store office supplies.  The mug was a gift from my niece & her babysitter.  The girl on the mug is very fashionable and her hair & bag go with some of the other red/orange/coral colors in the room.

And that's about it for my studio reveal!  Throughout this post, I mentioned a few things that I will want to do in the future, but it will be later on.  I just wanted to get the room mostly finished so that I can properly use it.   Thanks for following along in my studio reveal!

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  1. vacation books, my favorite. love all the map/place/stuff in here, that embroidery hoop thing is ca-ute!

  2. One of these days we'll have a house that I can turn a room into a craft room, then I'm having you come visit! :)

  3. Nicely done! ;) I adore the wooden California art! Coral and aqua look fantastic on it and the heart where you live is a sweet addition too!! I couldn't love your studio more!! Great job!!!


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