Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Studio Reveal!

I'm officially unofficially done with the studio!  Thank goodness!  (I say "officially unofficially" because there's still a few things left to do, but they won't get done for awhile, so I'm calling it done for now).
I'll start out with a 360 degree view of the room.  We'll start out with the left wall (from when you first walk in the door).  On this wall, we have my file cabinet (yep!  I still need one of those, but have managed to keep my paperwork restricted to these 2 drawers over the last XX amount of years).  There's also my ginormous Expedit.

Next, is the window wall.  Not much going on there.  The little white cabinet used to be in my bathroom (I gave it a good cleaning and re-attached the backing on it since it had gotten loose).  My Cricut Expressions is calling that it's home for now.  And I have John to look over me while I work.

We then have the main wall where all the action is happenin':  work station, gallery wall, wall shelf, rolling cart, wrapping paper holder.

On this mini-wall is where my Billy bookcase lives.  It fits perfectly there!  And behind that mini-wall is a mini-closet.  I attempted to make it into an office, but that really never worked out for me, so I'm using it for storage.

And now, we're back to square one.

Stay tuned and I'll be sharing more!
*Update*  For more, click here for Studio Reveal: The Plan & here for Studio Reveal: The Details.

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  1. This is SO adorable - I'm definitely jealous. My "studio" (a/k/a second bedroom) is mostly just one big pile. I gotta get on it!

  2. omg, i love the light, the wall color, the young john lennon photo, the wrapping paper area ON THE WALL. enjoy! create!

  3. This is a terrific space to be very creative! I see that you love IKEA, too! That is such a clever idea for wrapping paper!

  4. Wow! I would love to be that organized and have such a functional place to work...someday! Thanks for the inspiration and for linking up at The Makers!
    Corey @

  5. Great makeover !!! I love all your storage solutions and the colors are so inspiring! Thanks for linking to Twirl and Take a Bow! xo

  6. What a great space! Very organized!


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