Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Cleaning: The Back Patio

Here in Southern California, we haven't had much of a winter - in fact, our weather has been very spring & summer-like for most of the winter.  I've been BBQing a lot more lately, so I decided it was time to finally clean up the back patio.  

I ended up moving the table and chairs over a little bit and moved the solar lantern next to the BBQ where it gets plenty of sun during the day to charge up the solar battery.
I previously shared this post on how to look after your outdoor furniture during the winter months, but with our winters being so mild, I just keep mine outside.  But, since it gets cold at night during the winter, I didn't go outside much and therefore the furniture got neglected.

They were really dirty and dusty.

So, I sprayed them down with the hose and using water, dish soap, and a rag, I gave them a good cleaning.  It really didn't take too long to do - maybe 1/2 hour?

I also hosed off the french doors & side lites.  Those managed to get pretty dirty too.  It's nice to be able to see outside the doors clearly.  :)  I also swept and fixed one of the shades that was hanging too low on one side.

I didn't do any major updates - just cleaned up and did a bit of maintenance and only for about 45-60 minutes of my time.  Now, I'm ready for some serious BBQing!

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  1. Loving your patio! I'll be over for some BBQing this weekend, ok? ;) *wishes* Have a great weekend, Chrissy!! :)

  2. I need to hose my stuff down too lol. Any tips for cleaning cushions? We have a cushion on our swing that, unfortunately, we didn't pull inside before the "rainy season" started since it couldn't decide when to start, so it looks like it's a little green (which, not supposed to be, it's tan lol) and I really don't want to spend $70 on another fitted cushion or make my own.


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