Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cork Bunny

Hey Peeps!
If you remember, my brother-in-law is a winemaker that I got a ton of un-used corks from.  I've been trying out various cork projects as they come to mind.

After making this cork heart for Valentine's day, I decided to make something for Easter.  A Peep-shaped bunny?  Sure!  Why not?

This was easy to make - I just laid out the corks on a table until I got the shape I wanted.  Then, I hot glued the corks together.  Anyone else have any Easter projects you're working on?

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  1. The combination of simplicity and gravity defying-ness creates a very nice feeling to this.
    I have so many wine corks saved I might have to try making a shape and hot gluing too. Thanks for the idea.


  2. This is SO cute!! What a fun idea!

  3. Hi Chrissy- This is a feature at Friday Favorites at! So cute. Thanks for linking up and can't wait to see what you link up this week! Party goes live tonight! laura


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