Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Project List - A Review

Since we're coming up to the end of the year, I decided to reflect on my past projects that I have completed or started for this year.  It's good to take a look back and see what I have accomplished and learned.  I think after completing my 2011 project list (it was fairly short) - about 15 things), I got a little overly ambitious for 2012.  Technically, a couple of 2011 projects didn't get completed until this year, but they got done.

First, before I get started on the list, I want to share my favorite project of the year:
Painting my brick fireplace made a HUUUUUUUGE difference!  I still love it!

My 2012 list?  I'm warning you right now.  It's long.  I kept adding onto the list every time I thought of something.  Sigh.  So, I maybe got about half of it done, which is still good considering how long it is.  Here it is (along with my commentary and links to the original posts):

  1. Remove paint from interior doors hinges & spray paint them Satin Nickel
  2. Add door stoppers to hinges on all doors
  3. Paint interior doors & trim (both bathroom doors, craft room doors, guest bedroom, master bedroom, hall closet)
Living Room
  1. Paint fireplace white
  2. Make mantel for fireplace - the fireplace looked so good once painted, that I decided to leave it as-is.  I'm still debating if I want to make the mantel that I had in mind for this.
  3. Move stereo to Billy bookcase - this wasn't as easy as it sounds.  The backing of the Billy bookcase wasn't flimsy and I couldn't just slip the cord behind it.  I had to actually remove everything from the bookcase, then remove the bookcase from the wall and drill a hole in the back of the bookcase so I could feed the cord to the outlet behind the bookcase.  It worked out so much better to have the stereo on the bookcase - it's a lot easier to access now.
Craft Room
  1. Reorganize file cabinet 
  2. Reorganize mini-office in closet
  3. Organize instruction manuals 
Cabinets:  not much progress made in here.  The kitchen got lots of attention previously, so I decided to focus on other things.
  1. Put new wheels on kitchen drawers that need it
  2. Reorganize cooking utensil drawer
  3. See if I can utilize the cabinet space above fridge – take off doors and put cookbooks?
  4. Clean really well & then paint on top of cabinets so there is smooth finish (will make it easier to dust and can decorate on top of cabinets)
  5. Put trim back on
Pantry:  although I completed these, I decided that I still need to completely reorganize the pantry. 
  1. Label containers
  2. Reorgnize other items using baskets
Guest Room
  1. Reorganize closet - this is going to be a BIG job, so I have avoided it.  
  2. Repaint over red accent wall 
Big Garage Door:
  1. Put fresh batteries & program the keypad outside so I can actually use it
  2. Fix weatherseal on bottom (missing piece where critters can get in) 
Organize Paint:
  1. Check to see if the paint in each can is still good
  2. Transfer paint to new containers if needed 
  3. Label each container (brand, color, room used in, date bought)
    Paint Can Organization
  4. Reorganize other paint supplies
  5. Find disposal center - I'm still looking for one in my area.
Organize entire garage:  this is a BIG project too, so will be done in phases and will probably take me awhile.
  1. Move big shelves & reorganize
    Garage Organization: Part 1
  2. Clean doors & insides of cabinets
  3. Reorganize inside cabinets by category? Use bins/tupperware/ziplock baggies
  4. Install hooks on walls to hang up bigger tools
    Garage Organization: Part 2
  5. Use white plastic drawers from guest room closet under workbench?
  6. Paint garage walls?
  7. Paint nicer flooring?
Laundry Area:  my laundry is in the garage.  I've been trying to rack my brain to "pretty it up" in there, so it hasn't been completed yet.
  1. Reorganize laundry area
  2. See if I can utilize the Tagi shelf for extra storage
  3. Make laundry sign
  1. Organize Christmas lights
    How to Organize Christmas String Lights
Linen Closet - nope, this didn't get done.  It's already somewhat organized, so it's not that bad.
  1. Clean out and reorganize
  1. Reset sprinkler timer - this had been set incorrectly so lots of water & money were being wasted.
  2. Fix latch on side gate 
  3. Fix other side gate so it will close
    Fixing A Gate
  4. Fix the fence on the side to neighbor's yard
Told you it was long!  I'm sure this is boring for you to read about, but it's a good way for me to see that I got lots of stuff done this year (including things that weren't on the list at all), but obviously I have leftovers for 2013.  And that's fine - because I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon.  I'll be making a new list for 2013 - I need to tweak the leftovers from 2012 and I've also added a few more things (yikes).  Some of them are big projects, so I need to evaluate and see which ones will be a priority for me.  I work full time, so sometimes it takes me longer to get things done than it may others, but they get done.  Eventually.  :)

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