Saturday, December 15, 2012

"Home Is Where The Heart Is" Map Frame

***This is an exact repost from 11/27/11.  For some reason my "I *Heart* Maps" post was getting tons of spam comments.  I got tired of getting them, so I have deleted that post and reposted it here today.***

I noticed recently that I have pinned a lot of cool stuff to do with maps.  I knew I liked maps, but sheesh.  :)
Anyhoo, I have a friend who just went into escrow on a house.  It will be the very first home for her & her husband (and their cute little girl) and I had the perfect idea for a housewarming gift for them!  I had found this picture on Pinterest.
I was going to include the original post it came from, unfortunately when I clicked on the link to that site, it says "not found".  So, here is my quick tutorial on how I did this cute project.

Supplies Needed:
*Map of the city/place of your choice
*Sewing needle
*Red embroidery thread (or color of your choice)
*Scissors/paper trimmer
*Piece of scrap paper (to make the heart template)

1)  I Googled a map of the city and saved it as a .jpg file.  
2)  Using my editing software, I typed the words "Home is where the..." directly on the map and considering the space where the heart would go.  (I decided to type the phrase on the map after I already did the project, so some these pictures don't show the phrase on it.)  
3)  Then, I printed it out on card stock (I used card stock since it's thick - this makes it easier to do the stitches).   
4)  I took a piece of felt (but a piece of scrap paper would work also) and cut out a heart in the size I wanted.  

5)  I used this as a template for stitching the heart around the city name.  I just held it in place and poked holes all the way around it (it didn't matter if the holes were not evenly spaced - I just eyeballed it).

6)  Using the red embroidery thread and a needle, I just back-stitched all the way around the heart.

7)  After I was done with the stitching, I trimmed the paper to the appropriate size and framed it.

I had debated on putting their family name on the matte, but decided against it.  I also thought about adding a few hooks to the bottom of the frame so they could use it as a keyholder as well, but the frame I picked wouldn't accommodate for that.  However, these are always options that you can do to it - it's a pretty versatile little project.  I hope they like it!

And linked up to Tater Tots & Jello Favorite Projects of 2011 link party.

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