Wednesday, September 30, 2015

DIY Peter Pan Group Costumes: Tick Tock Croc

Since Halloween will be here before you know it, I'm sharing our Peter Pan group costumes with you all.  I made 4 of the 6 costumes and 3 of them were super easy.  ;)
Next up is Tick Tock Croc!

My nephew is 14 years old now and hasn't been interested in dressing up for Halloween for awhile.  But, I was able to convince him to dress up along with us with this minimal and easy Tick Tock Croc costume.
For Tick Tock's face, I ordered this green visor from Amazon.  I already had felt on hand, so I cut out some pieces for his eyes, teeth, & tongue and hot glued them to the visor.  I was following one of the pictures I looked at online & made his teeth pointy, but I thought he looked too much like a snake.

So, I changed it by giving him less teeth & rounding out the tips.  I also made the tongue a shorter so it wouldn't impair his vision.

For the clock, I just cut out a big circle of felt & added some sticky felt numbers.  I would have loved to make it a bit more elaborate, but to be honest, I was too lazy for all of that.  I just added a few stitches by hand to attach it to the shirt so that when Halloween is done, it can just be easily snipped off and he wear the shirt normally.

The cost?
Visor (Amazon) - $5.99 (right now it's going for $6.74 with free shipping)
T-shirt (Walmart) - $3
Total was about $9!

I reeeeeeeallly wanted to make a tail, but I didn't think my nephew would go for that.  But also, I figured a long tail would be cumbersome for walking around all night and riding the rides at Disneyland.  So the tail got ix-nayed!

There's more to come on our group costumes, but you can also check out our DIY Tinkerbell.

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