Thursday, October 8, 2015

DIY Peter Pan Group Costumes: Mr. Smee

Here's the last costume we DIY'd for the Disneyland Halloween Party....overall, it's a pretty easy one!

We had ordered a red beanie off of Amazon for my friend's Smee costume for only a few bucks, but didn't realize it was coming from overseas.  It showed up the day before the Disneyland Halloween Party (I even ordered it in August thinking that would be plenty of time) and I needed it sooner in order to make white sideburns to attach to it, so I ended up crocheting a red beanie just in case it didn't make it in time.

Proof that I can crochet. lol  I already had red yarn on hand & I used a pattern that I amended from a crochet book that I have and it took me only a night to make it.  I also attached a red pom pom to the top.

I also had the white fur on hand for the white sideburns.  It's crazy what supplies I have in my stash!  (it's from my teddy bear making days).  I just used a picture of Mr. Smee and cut 2 pieces out free-hand.  Then, I just sewed them onto the beanie.

We had double-sided sticky tape to help the fur stick to her face, but the tape didn't work well on the backside of the fur.  And the only thing missing were the glasses!  Pretty cute, though!

I'm not exactly sure of her cost for the costume, but she only had to buy the shirt (I think it was about $5 at Target) and the sandals (I believe she said they were about $8).  The original beanie we had ordered for her was about $3.

In the next post, I'll round-up all of our costumes!

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  1. Hey this is truly a pretty costume. It’s really good that it was very affordable. My kid has just started going to Phoenix kindergarten and his teacher is also planning to host a peter pan party for the students. I would also like to make DIY costume for my son.


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