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DIY Peter Pan Group Costumes: Tiger Lily (Part 2)

Ok, kids.  Here's the last of my Halloween costume DIYs for this year (but I'll do another post with a round up of these plus the other 2 we put together).
On the last post, I shared how I made Tiger Lily's dress.  Here, I'll share how I made her accessories!

The Headband

Using a sheet of blue felt, I cut 2 strips.  Ideally, you'll want to make one continuous strip.  But, unfortunately, the sheet of felt wasn't enough to make one continuous strip.   Womp womp.  So, I had to cut 2 strips and I sewed them together on one end.  I then did a fitting on my niece and safely used safety pins to mark where the strips would connect.

I thought that the felt might stretch a little bit when taking it off on and, so I decided to use velcro to hold the ends together.  I just cut enough velcro and sewed them onto the headband.

Next up, was the feather.  While I was painting Peter Pan's feather, I painted Tiger Lily's since I was using the same color.  I just used an artist's brush and hand painted.  (And by the way, in all of the other pictures of Tiger Lily, the red part matches my feather and not how it looks in the drawing in my title picture. )

Then, I just hot glued the bottom of the feather to the inside of the headband.  To reinforce it, I added a little strip of felt and hot glued that.  This little strip also helped the feather to not poke her head or stick in her hair.

The Shoe Covers
Since my niece's foot is tiny, I was able to use 1 sheet of felt per shoe, however, if you're doing this for an adult, you might need 2 sheets per shoe, or even have felt cut by the yard if the person's foot is big enough.  I cut the sheet of felt in half length-wise and sewed one end together (as you can see below).

Using her actual shoe that she would be wearing, I pinned the felt all around the shoe and left room for her to put her foot in.

Here, you can see I sewed it all up and before trimming around the stitching, I sewed on the elastic strips for the soles.  These elastic strips will help keep the shoe covers on the shoe.  I wanted to make sure everything was correct before cutting (in case I needed to re-do anything).

Once I decided everything was looking good, I trimmed around the stitching and left an opening for her to put her foot in.  Turn it inside out, cuff the top and you have shoe covers!  It's not exactly what I had planned to do, but it totally worked to cover her PINK shoes.  :)

Here's the complete outfit all laid out...

...And here's the whole ensemble on her.  Adorable!  She actually got lots of compliments at the Disneyland Halloween Party.  A few people (cast members!) mistakenly called her Pocahontas, but DUH!  Pocahontas doesn't wear a headband and her dress is totally different.  (And yes, she did correct them and told them she's Tiger Lily. lol).

The cost breakdown:
Tan felt (for the dress) - $0.  I already had this on hand and not sure of how much I originally spent when I bought it 4 years ago.  I did use about 1 yard and Joann often has coupons, so you can get this for fairly cheap.
3 sheets of dark brown felt (shoe covers & belt) - $0.66 (I already had 1 sheet, so only needed to buy 2)
1 sheet of light pink felt - $0.33
1 sheet of hot pink felt - $0.33
1 sheet of blue felt - $0.33
1 feather (12 piece set at Joann for $2.49) - $0.20
Elastic (shoe covers) - $1.99
Total cost was almost $4!   If I had needed to buy the tan felt, it would have cost me a bit more, but probably not more than $10 total.  Seriously, that is so cheap compared to having to buy an already-made costume and I bet it would be difficult to find a Tiger Lily costume.

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