Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Master Closet Header

I previously mentioned how one project turned into four and this is one of them!   When I bought my house, the master bedroom's closet doors went up to the ceiling and they didn't open/roll smoothly.

I soon discovered that you can't just buy off-the-shelf doors this size and having them custom built would cost me an arm & a leg.  So, I had a header built and simple off-the-shelf bifold doors installed.  Much better!

Just like the dining room's new window, texture was sprayed and I never got around to painting over it.  There was also a lot of overspray on one of the other walls.   (Good golly, the next 2 pictures are horrid - they make the wall look like an ugly puke color.  Since it was last minute, the project & photos were mostly done at night).

Since my bedroom and dining room were painted the same color, I took the opportunity to paint the header (FINALLY!) since I already had the painting supplies out from painting around the dining room window.  But, first thing was to fix some cracks in the wall.  The person who installed the header didn't do it correctly - the new drywall wasn't flush with the current walls and there were cracks where the new & old drywall met.

It drove me a bit crazy to see it like that.  So, I used joint compound and covered all the cracks.

I let the joint compound dry for one day and then painted.  Since I completed the project at night, I didn't notice the lines from where I covered the cracks.  There's no more cracks, but now you can see these lines.

I didn't bother sanding down the joint compound (since it was nighttime, I couldn't tell that it needed to be done), but I think even if I had, you would probably still see a bit of the lines because the new drywall isn't flush with the old walls.  If it bothers me enough later on down the road, I will try sanding them down and see if I can make it less noticeable, but for now it doesn't really bother me.  You can't even notice them at night, only during the day.  

And in case you're wondering, the paint color is Sandstone Cove by Behr (these last few pictures are true to the actual paint color, as opposed to the other bad-lighting-pictures above).  I'm just glad that I've finally painted it and it looks complete now.  And it's another thing checked off my list!

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