Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Guest Post: 10 Easy Ways To Get Organized

Hello all!  I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things and enjoyed my little break.  I have some things I'll be sharing soon, but they're not quite ready yet.  ;)  Today, I have a guest post by Katie on behalf of Hefty sharing some really great & cheap organization tips...

10 Easy Ways to Get Organized
Finishing up a major home project can be enormously satisfying. Getting a room cleaned, organized, or looking prettier than it began with is normally a huge weight off of any homeowner or renter’s shoulders.

The only downsides to big home projects and renovations are that they can be expensive and oftentimes pretty time-consuming. But don’t worry—there are plenty of ways to get that feeling of organized accomplishment without redoing an entire room! Try out the following quick and cheap DIY home organization ideas that can instantly make your life a little easier:
  1. Attach heavy duty hooks to the insides of your kitchen cabinets to easily hang up heavy pots and pans. This is a great way to clear out tons of cabinet space that bulky cookware usually takes up.
  2. Another trick for saving cabinet space is to hang a magazine rack on the inside of a cabinet door to hold cutting boards and cookie sheets.
  3. Instead of cramming boxes of plastic snack, sandwich and gallon bags into drawers, pin their cardboard flap tops to the insides of cabinet and closet drawers to save space and make it easy to grab bags as you need them.
  4. To keep cords untangled, clip binder clips to the edge of a desk or table and slip the cords through. You’ll have all your cords when you need them and won’t have to deal with tangled messes.
  5. Binder clips can also open up space in your fridge; clip them to shelves on the either side of horizontal bottles to keep them from rolling. You’ll create space in your side refrigerator door if you store bottles like this.
  6. Attaching a thin magnetic strip to your bathroom wall is an easy way to hold everything from manicure scissors and tweezers to nail clippers and loose bobby pins.
  7. Tired of misplacing your jewelry? Invest in cheap plastic ice cube trays and place them in drawers to hold earrings, rings and even thin necklaces. They can also be used in workbenches to hold items like nails, picture hangers and screws.
  8. Rather than stuffing them into random drawers, consolidate all of your instruction manuals and receipts into a three ring binder to keep your important papers organized and in one place.

  9. Those tiered metal baskets that hold fruit in your kitchen can also be put to good use in your closets. Use them to hang small accessories like mittens, scarves, or even socks.
  10. If your wine rack isn’t completely filled, use the empty spaces to store rolled up newspapers and magazines that you aren’t quite ready to trash.
Making small, simple changes all over your home can be just as satisfying as redoing an entire room, since you’re covering more space and getting more of a variety of things in order. If you have other easy home organization suggestions, share them below!

Author Bio: This is a guest post by Katie F. on behalf of Hefty®. Explore Hefty products like plastic bags, storage bins and more that can help get your home more organized.

Thanks for the great tips, Katie!  I'll definitely be trying some of these!

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