Thursday, June 13, 2013

Disney Care Package #2

My BBF (best bloggy friend), Brenda at Chatting Over Chocolate and her family will be making a trip to Walt Disney World and I wanted to surprise her with a Disney Care Package.  I made one for my sister & her family earlier this year and it was hit (and also fun to put together), so I thought I'd do the same for Brenda.

I had a couple of plain tote bags leftover from the last care package, so I decided to make both of her girls Disney tote bags that they could use during the trip.  I found out what their favorite characters are and went from there.  I searched online for images and used Photoshop to put them all together.  The one with all the Star Wars Disney characters was put together using single images of each one that I found online.  I'm not sure where/who each image was posted by, but whoever drew those did a great job!  (Also, as a side note, on of my "personal" goals for the year is to learn how to use Photoshop, so I'm slowly accomplishing that).  After getting my images together, I printed the mirror images on iron-on transfer paper.

I then ironed them on the tote bag with the technique I shared with you previously here.

 This is how they looked after I was done.

Over a few trips to Disneyland (I have an annual pass), I collected some items:  a Mickey kitchen towel, Enchanted Tiki Room recipe for one of their yummy smoothies, Mickey-shaped foods magnets, Collector Packs with Star Wars mini characters, Disneyland Mickey antenna ball, a little Mickey bag, and also included some packets of the yummy popcorn I make that tastes just like Disneyland popcorn (I shared that previously here).

I mailed it off to her and didn't say one word to her about it.  I was sooooo tempted to at least tell her that a package was on it's way, but I didn't!  I got a very excited email when she received it - the care package was a hit!  It even made #3 on her Five Loves On Friday post!  ;) I just love giving gifts and when they are surprises, it puts a big smile on my face.  If you haven't met Brenda, you should stop by her blog Chatting Over Chocolate.  She has a weekly post series called "Magical Monday" and she is constantly posting yummy-looking recipes!

**Update:  Brenda did a wonderful post about this care package that you can check out here.

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  1. You did such a terrific job on everything!!! The tote bags turned out awesome!!! You put so much thought into each item you included and we couldn't have possibly been any more excited to receive this AMAZING surprise!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!! You're the BEST!! :D

  2. So fun and adorable! Love it! Thanks for linking up to Give Me the Goods Monday! Love having you party with us! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

    1. It was very fun! Thank you so much and thanks for hosting! :)


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