Monday, June 17, 2013

Sunshine Award

My BBF (best bloggy friend), Brenda at Chatting Over Chocolate nominated me for a Sunshine Award!  She's such a sweetie!

Part of receiving this award, I have to answer 10 here we go!

1)  Favorite Color



2)  Favorite Animal
Especially dogs dressed up as bunnies.  :)

3)  Favorite Number
I don't really have a lucky or favorite number, but I notice that I gravitate towards this one.  Not really sure why.

4)  Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink

5)  Favorite Alcoholic Drink
Malibu & Pineapple
This version called Malibu Heat Pineapple Punch looks really tasty, though.  As a side note, I don't really drink much - I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to alcohol.

6)  Facebook Or Twitter
I only have a personal Facebook page, but I try not to go on too much.  It's a total time-sucker.

7)  My Passions
My family

8)  Giving or Receiving Gifts
Definitely giving - it puts a big smile on my face to give something to someone that I know they will love.  But receiving gifts is nice too.  #justsayin  ;)

9)  Favorite City
Oooh...this is a tough one.  I've been to so many in which I've had great experiences.  But, the ones that stick out in my head the most are Boston & New Orleans.  Both cities are so fun, have so much to do, and have tons of history.

10)  Favorite TV Show
Oh geez - where do I begin.  There's so many great shows (current and no longer on the air).
Some shows that are no longer on the air that I loved are:  
Gilmore Girls
Sex & The City
Twin Peaks
The Office

Some current shows that I love are:
Sons of Anarchy
Breaking Bad
Once Upon A Time
I'm sure I forgot to add some - there really is a lot of great shows out there amongst the bad TV.  

Thanks again, Brenda for nominating me!!

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  1. LOVE your fave colors!! ...& your number, it's my birthdate ;) You're a fabulous "giver", as I know very well! :*)
    Fun post! ...You're most welcome, & CONGRATS! ;)

  2. PS: Sally is the cutest dog dressed as a bunny ever! Still loving that pic! ;)


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