Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Card Ornaments

Hey kids!  First of all, I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas tomorrow and is having a great time with family and friends. 

I was planning on getting this post done sooner, but well, ya know, the holidays can be kind of hectic, so here it finally is.  I have had this Christmas ornament since I was a little kid.  My grandmother (who was super crafty) made this out of Christmas cards they had received.

I've been wanting to replicate it, so I collected cards from Christmas last year and finally did it this week.  These would be great to use with those picture cards - you can make one from your own picture cards or make one as a little gift for the person who sent you a picture card!  Here is the tutorial...

Supplies needed:
* 2 Christmas cards of your choosing
* Hole punch with small holes (sorry - not sure what size my hole punch was - I used the smaller hole punch of my Crop-a-dile)
* Crochet hook small enough to fit through the holes (mine is a C2 - 2.75mm)
* Yarn

1)  I made a template from the original ornament my grandmother made.  Then, I traced the template onto 2 Christmas cards.  Remember to cut them in opposite directions since you will need front and back pieces.
The card on the left is one from my friend that included her two cute doggies.
2)  Hold the two pieces together, right sides facing out, and punch holes all the way around the edges.

3)  I used a chain stitch to create the loop in the top right corner so the ornament could be hung.  For all other stitches, I used a half-double crochet and did 2 stitches per hole (some holes I did only 1 stitch and other ones 3.  It just depended on if the space needed filling in or not).***
 ***For the top of the stocking, you can either stitch both pieces together so it will be closed, or you can stitch the top pieces individually, so it will leave an opening and you can put little things in it like a candy cane.

4)  You just stitch all the way around the entire stocking.  Here is the final product!  It was very quick & easy to do.

And cute!  I have a few picture cards that I've received from friends, so I'm planning on turning them into these cute little ornaments for next year.   If you have all the supplies already, you can still get a few of these done tonight if you need a quick little gift for tomorrow!

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