Saturday, November 30, 2013

Etsy Shop Feature: Joy Frameworks

Hello!  I've been busy, busy lately - lots of things going on!  The hall bathroom has been done for a couple of weeks - I'll be sharing the reveal soon.

Today, I wanted to share an Etsy shop with you - Joy Frameworks.   A lot of her items are made from antique ceiling tins.  I've been eyeballing her stuff for a long time and finally ordered a couple of items (both made from the ceiling tins).

First of all, my items came wrapped beautifully!  An early Christmas gift for myself.  :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Framed Disneyland Attraction Poster Art

Hello, hello!  As some of you may know, I'm a Disneyland annual passholder.  They sent me a 2013 calendar earlier this year (I actually got 2 of them since I bought my nephew a pass too) and each month's picture is a different Disneyland attraction poster.  I'm a sucker for those attraction posters, especially the old-school, vintage ones, so I knew I could use these mini versions somehow.

I finally figured out how I was going to use them!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Adventures in Fixing a Window Screen

I'm still working on the bathroom and there's nothing new to post yet, so we're going to take a little break from bathroom posts for now.  :)

One project that's been on my list for a loooooong time, was fixing the screen for my window sidelites next to the french doors.  I had a friend's dog staying with me for a few days and let's just say, he didn't like being by himself while I was at work.  And so he took it out on the sidelite screens - he bent the frame on one of them and chewed and clawed holes into the mesh screens on both.  My friend fixed the one with the bent frame, but I needed to fix the other one.  A history on these screens - when I first bought the house, one of the screens was missing and the other was damaged.  I couldn't just buy them at one of the big box stores - I would have to custom order and I was looking at about $100.  Per screen.  Did I mention there's 2 screens?  Ouch.  Me no likey.  Fortunately, I knew someone at the time, who could make them and all I had to do was buy the screen and the framing and I saved myself a ton of money.   This time around I fixed it myself and the process was pretty simple (just rough on my wrist).

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hall Bathroom Reno: Floor Tile

Installation of the bathroom baseboards took place at about the same time that I installed the tile.  I've never laid tile before.  Like, at all.  But, it needed to be done before I could put the new vanity in.  I had gone to a Home Depot tiling workshop a few months ago, read lots of blog posts, and watched videos online, so I felt confident that I could do it.  And I did!  Woot!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hall Bathroom Reno: Baseboards

Aaaand we're back to the Hall Bathroom reno!  With the demo & painting done, next up were the baseboards.  I needed to install these before grouting the tile because the previous homeowners grouted all of the tile right up to the baseboards.  (Sneak peek alert - these pictures show the tile that was installed, but not finished yet.  I'll post later about the tile process).

First up, I measured the current baseboards.  Mine were 2 1/4" tall.  Originally, when I measured, I came up with a 2" measurement.  And this is why...
For some reason that one baseboard was altered on that edge.  What the heck?  Before realizing that it was altered, I measured that side and it came out to 2".  Yes, I measured the other side on the right as well, but it was hard to see the measurement so close to the ground and at a weird angle and I thought it also came out to 2".  Anyways, when I went to Home Depot to look for the baseboard and get other supplies, I couldn't find any baseboards at a 2" height.  So, after I got home and re-measured, I realized the problem.  Back to Home Depot I went and I got my correct baseboards.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Adventures in Fixing A Garbage Disposal

I tell ya - if it ain't one thing, it's another.  A few months ago, my garbage disposal went on the fritz.  I thought I was going to have to buy & install a new one, but while visiting my parents a couple of months ago, they suggested that I first try a wrench that is made specifically to un-jam a garbage disposal.  The builders of their house left the one that came with theirs and they showed me what it looks like.  The previous homeowners didn't leave mine behind, so when we were out at Home Depot the folks bought me one (thanks guys!).

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hall Bathroom Reno: Paint

Now that the vanity was demo'd, it was time to paint.  I originally thought to tile first, but decided against that since I would have to wait for adhesive to dry and then for grout to dry and that would take at least 2 days.  I had a hard time in deciding on paint colors - I originally envisioned in a light gray color, but every sample I tried wasn't working.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Hall Bathroom Reno: It's Demo Time!

Ok, ok - so I'm not done with the studio yet, but yes I already started on another big project.  Sometimes I think I am trying to drive myself crazy.  (The studio is close to being done - just need to put some finishing touches, but it's going to take a little bit more time).   My brother had offered to help me demo the vanity in the hallway bathroom (thanks bro!) and a spot opened up in his schedule, so I jumped at the chance.  Even though I wasn't quite ready for this project,  I know to take advantage of opportunities when they arise, so that's what I did.

Now, this is my main bathroom that I use, which is why I wasn't ready to do this project yet.  I rarely use my master bathroom because it was built with a tub only - no shower.   I had planned to reno my master bathroom prior to the hallway bathroom, so I would have another bathroom to use as a back-up.  But, I. cannot. make. a. decision on exactly how I want to reno it.  Don't get me wrong - I do have some ideas, but nothing's solidified yet, so I can't start on it.

So, here is what my hallway bathroom used to look like.  I will forewarn you - the lighting is horrible in these pictures.  This bathroom gets no natural daylight, so I tried my best with some camera settings.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Minion Party

I have some friends that love those little Minions from the "Despicable Me" movies (ok, who am I kidding - I they are stinkin' cute & funny, too).  We came across these two ideas: marshmallow Minions & Minion Twinkie cupcakes and decided we needed to make these asap.  It ended up turning into a Minion party at my house!