Monday, February 23, 2015

Winter Blooms

While the rest of the country is getting hit hard with some major winter weather, here in Southern California, we're getting our first bout of cool weather in the last few weeks.

Prior to Sunday, we'd been experiencing temperatures in the 70s & 80s for the last several weeks and I was getting tired of it (only because I'm thinking that it means our summer is going to be bad - plenty of 100+ days.  Ugh.  Why can't it just always be in the 70s & 80s all of the time).  Yes, it's much better than being in frigid temps with constant snow, but at the same time, it's nice to have some winter-like weather!  We're in a drought here in California, so I always welcome the rain.

With the lovely, sunny weather we had been having, my flowers must think it's spring & have been blooming like crazy.  When I originally planted these Delphiniums, they were several different colors, but only the bright pink ones keep coming back.  Only 2 have bloomed, but there are about 8 others that are getting ready to.

The morning light doesn't do these Gerbera Daisies justice.  They're a wonderful coral color.

I love my calla lilies - they are so low maintenance and usually after the 2nd or 3rd bloom of the year, they get crazy big.   Sometimes they get so big, that they end up falling over from their weight and I have to cut them back before it's time.

This salvia bush is huge right now.  As pretty as the little flowers are, it's kind of stinky and I'm thinking to just get rid of it one day (when I finally get the backyard in gear).  But, for now, I'll just enjoy the little pink & white flowers.

For anyone that is having bad weather, I wish I could send some of our California weather to you!

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