Friday, January 17, 2014

Linen Closet ReOrganization Part 2

One of the other spaces I reorganized last month was my linen closet.  Last year, I shared how I reorganized it here.  It was only temporary - I knew it would need to be reorganized after I remodeled my hall bathroom (I had a white storage cabinet with white baskets in there and part of the plan was to take it out of the bathroom for good).

Once again, I will give the *disclaimer* - please excuse the craptastic photos.  The lighting/angles/tight space makes it impossible to get decent photos.

I took everything out and grouped like-items.  All the toiletries got separated into groups: hair, nails, teeth/mouth, eyes, etc.  Once I did that, I gathered up all the extra baskets & bins that I had and figured out which items would fit in each one and the placement of them.  Some of the baskets & bins were stackable, which helped to get more bang for my buck out of the space.

Top cabinet:

Here's a close-up of the bottom shelf in the top cabinet:

Bottom cabinet:

Close-up of the top shelf of the bottom cabinet:

All of the baskets/bins I already had, except for the blue stackable bins at the Dollar Tree for $1 each.  Now that everything is organized by category, it's much easier to find things.  The baskets/bins are easy to move out of the way in case I need to get something from the bottom or the back (just like my pantry, the linen closet is deep).  I also labeled each basket/bin with my handy-dandy label maker so I can easily see what is in each basket/bin.  So far, this system has worked out really well for me and I think it's going going to last a long time.

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