Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hall Bathroom Makeover Source List

I recently shared my hall bathroom makeover reveal - so, so excited to have a pretty bathroom now!

Here is a source list of some of the items & products I used for the makeover, in case you were interested.

Wall paint color:  Lamb by Martha Stewart in Satin @Home Depot
Ceiling paint color:  Off-the-shelf Ultra Pure White interior ceiling paint by Behr in Flat @Home Depot

Vanity, countertop, mirror:  St. Paul Wyoming Collection (item# 317 416) @Home Depot - $199
I bought this a few years ago and not sure if it's still available.  I wasn't able to find it anywhere online.

Faucet: Glacier Bay in brushed nickel (item# 247 368) @Home Depot - $34

Floating shelves: Home Decorators Collection in white 18" @Home Depot - $12 each

Shower curtain:  Mainstays waffle weave in white @Walmart - $14
Toilet paper holder:  Mainstays in brushed nickel @Walmart - $14

Everything else I already had on hand:
Floor tiles - the extras were left with the house
Towel rods for bath towels - came with the house
Hand towel ring - came with the house
Light fixture - came with the house
Picture frame - Ribba @Ikea
Basket with handles - Walmart
Candle - gift
Glass jar with lid - gift

Total spent on the main items was $285.  I also had to purchase a small bucket of tile adhesive, baseboard, sealant (these weren't much extra).  And the 2 gallons of wall & ceiling paint were approximately $50 (I will be using the ceiling paint in other rooms and the wall paint in the hallway, so the cost of paint will be spread throughout the house).  Sooooo, I would guess that it cost me about $350 to redo this bathroom, which wasn't too bad, especially considering that the vanity combo set I purchased 3 years ago.

Now, I just need to finally make up my mind on what I want to do for my master bath remodel and get on that already!

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