Sunday, January 1, 2012

Review of a Few Helpful Household Tips: Pinterest Addiction #4

Hello and Happy New Year!
Between being busy for the holidays and not feeling so well, I took a little time away from projects to rest up and relax.  Since I haven't gotten much done, I decided to do a review a few helpful tips that I picked up from Pinterest.

1)  How to Create a Ringtone in iTunes
Via Pinterest
I actually learned how to do this several years ago, but pinned it so I'd have another way to get to the instructions.  When I originally googled how to do this, there were a few different sets of instructions, but this is the one that worked for me.  It's easy to follow and most importantly, it's free!  You don't have to spend the extra money on a ringtone - you just use a song you already have loaded in iTunes.  The only time consuming part is trying to figure out which part of the song you want to have as your ringtone, but once you figure that out, it's smooth sailing. 
Rating:  Very helpful!

2)  Use a Rubber Band to Remove a Stripped Screw
Via Pinterest
When installing the blinds for my big kitchen window, I stripped a screw when trying to unscrew it.  I didn't have many rubber bands in the house, so I picked one of the widest ones I had.  It didn't work - the bit actually ripped through the rubber band.  I think maybe it wasn't thick enough.  So, I found another one that was a bit thicker and tried again.  It worked this time, but it still ripped through the rubber band and I struggled to actually get the screw out.
Rating: Didn't work so well, but willing to try again.  Next time I'll use a thicker rubber band that is wide enough.

3)  How to Fold a Fitted Sheet
Via Pinterest
This one is my favorite.   I had seen this floating around Pinterest, but didn't actually try it until I found it on a blog.  This is the answer to all your fitted sheet problems!!!  The pictures are pretty self explanatory - this is exactly how I learned to do it.  I didn't follow any instructions - just the pictures.   When you do this, your fitted sheet will fold up nicely and not like a bulky mess.  LOVELY!  Just a dream.  Really.  Do this.  I haven't gotten around to re-folding all my other fitted sheets in the linen closet, but that's on the list.  I will be reorganizing my linen closet soon, so my bulky fitted sheets' days are numbered!
Rating:  Works like a charm!

I have pinned a lot of things on my ""Helpful Tips" board,  but with all of the stuff floating around Pinterest, I often wonder if some of them really work or not.  I thought it would be helpful to share my reviews of some of these things as I try them, so I will continue to do these types of posts.

Thanks for taking a look!

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