Monday, January 16, 2012

Craft Room - In Progress

Sooooo, I've been meaning to post pictures of a few of the rooms in my house.   They aren't completely finished, but at least "done for now" and thought it would be a nice way to document the changes I make.  Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick announced that she will be having a new Show Us Your House link party every month (starting this Tuesday), so that got my booty in gear to take some pictures this past weekend.   Of course, the weather decided to be cloudy & rainy after a few weeks of gorgeous weather - figures.  With that being said, please excuse the bad pictures and let's roll with the craft room...

Here is a before picture.  It's a really small room, making it perfect for a craft room or office.

Here it is in progress about a year ago. 
Boxes everywhere!  It took me awhile to unpack and organize.  Sometimes I like procrastinating.  ;)

The bookshelf is no longer in the room.  It's an old Ikea Billy Bookcase from like 15 years ago that I horribly painted this yellow color.  The paint color is decent, but not my paint job. Its home is now in the garage.

You can see how the entrance to the room is at an angle.  The door on the left of the entrance is the closet.  It is one of the teeniest closets I've ever seen - has weird angles in it too.  Unfortunately, I don't have a "before" picture of the closet.

And here it is, as it looks today.  
The paint color is Soft Sage by Glidden.   Ikea Expedit shelving unit (love, love, love the Exedit!).  The pink fabric boxes are also from Ikea, as well as the shorter black & white fabric boxes with the black handles, and the red & white magazine holders.

I labeled the fabric boxes with these tags so I know what's in them.

They are so roomy and can hold so much.  Because they are so roomy, I even have organized them inside by using smaller boxes, baskets, and bins.

The metal cart is a hand-me-down from my sister-in-law (you can also see it in the above picture on the right).  It's great for storing scrapbooking papers.

The bookshelf on the left is from Pier 1 and the "scrap cabinet" is an armoire that I ordered from Walmart.  I will never order from Walmart again - there were broken pieces and it would have been too much of a hassle to return it, but it was cheap and does the trick.  I really need to find a better place for that folding table, too.

This is a lamp I had in my room as a child.   I'm so glad my mom kept it for me.

Look at how much stuff it holds!  I need to do a bit of reorganizing, but the great thing about this cabinet, is I can just shut the doors and the room is instantly transformed into a tidy space. It also holds my printer which is on a shelf that slides out for easier access.

My one requirement for the armoire was a pull-out tray.  I wanted to be able to leave projects "as is" and still have a work space above it.

Are you ready to see inside the world's smallest closet?

Since the closet is so small (see?  Not much room for hanging any clothes), I decided to turn it into a mini-office by adding a piece of wood for the desk and covering it in shelving paper.  It's a good little space for office supplies and paying bills.


 *In Progress*

The bookcases are a hot mess right now - ok I'm exaggerating a bit, but I do need to do more reorganizing and purging.  I have lots of additional supplies that have accumulated since the holidays and need to find places for them.  I've also been sewing more, so I have plans for how to store the leftover fabric (we'll see how that turns out!).  I also plan on painting inside the closet to freshen it up a bit and do some reorganizing in there also.  It's not as nice as The 36th Avenue's craft room, but it's pretty good for now as well as functional. 

Linked up to Thrifty Decor Chick's Show Us Your House party.
Thanks for looking!

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  1. Cute! I love those Ikea shelves and how you were able to get so much ! And I like how you made that closet work for you, very clever!


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