Sunday, January 15, 2012

DIY Foaming Hand Soap: Pinterest Addiction #6

Hello there.....if you like to save a few bucks (I know I sure do!), then have I got the post for you tonight.

This will work using any brand, but I like Method foaming hand soap.
Via Target
If you buy it by the bottle, it will cost you about $3.  The refill package is $4.70.  I've never actually counted, but I think you it will get you about 4-5 bottles full.  Obviously, it's a better deal to buy the refills after you buy the bottle the first time.   BUT!  I had seen on blogs and Pinterest that you can make your own foaming hand soap using liquid gel soap and water.  When I saw this, I made sure to buy the gel version, so I could try it.  It was about $3 for the bottle.

After I finally used up all the soap in the bottle, I poured about an inch of the liquid soap into the empty bottle.  (On one blog, they said to use 1 tbsp, but when I tried that, it was no where near enough soap.  I don't like soap that is too watery & runny).

Next, add water, but don't fill it all the way to the top - when you put the pump back in, it will spill if you do.  Some people say not to shake it very hard, but I wanted to make sure the soap and water mixed well, so I shook away.  It will cause bubbles at the top, but the bubbles will go away.

You're all set now - wash away!

Since I just tried this, I'm not sure how long the bottle of gel will last, but it's looking like I'll get about the same number of bottle fulls as the refill of the foaming soap.  So, that's a savings of almost $2 per purchase.  And depending on the brand (I think some brands have gel refills that come in a bigger bottle), you may get even more of a savings.  This will certainly add up over the course of a year!


  1. I'm going to have to try this too... I love love Bath and Body Works foaming hand wash...

    1. Hi there - thanks for checking out my blog! I was skeptical of this, but thought I would give it a shot. Worst case scenario is that I would have to use a bottle of gel soap instead of foaming. It seems to work pretty well though! This is a great option since Bath & Body Works is a bit on the pricy side. I have heard that the lotion soaps don't work for this, though.


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