Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Super-mini Mudroom & a New/Used Dishwasher

Last week's easy project was installing a hook rack in the front hallway.  I figured that since I don't have enough space for a mudroom (or a need since I live in Southern California) or mudroom style lockers for organizing, that this would be the next best thing.  So far, it's working out well for me, but I'm thinking I need to hang something on it that has a pocket so it can hold other things,  like out-going mail or books/magazines or anything else that I may need to take with me.  It hasn't even fallen off the wall yet!  Score 1 point for me - yeah!
My super mini-mud room?
So Cheesebox and Cheesebox Jr came over today with the dishwasher.  We got it inside the house (yay!) and took the old one out.  Man there was some grossness under there!  The previous owners sure lost a lot of stuff under that thing - lip balm, a toy car, rubber glove, amongst other things.  So, after the clean up, we attempted to hook up the new dishwasher, but of course there were problems.  (Is that really a shocker? Seriously).  First, we couldn't get the water supply line tight enough onto the dishwasher so there was a bit of leaking.  Second, the drain pipe didn't have the right connector to hook it to the air gap, so that was a no-go.  At least my new dishwasher is in place and looking really pretty in my kitchen!  It doesn't match my other white appliances, but I will eventually convert everything to stainless steel.
Cheesebox helping me out
Me cleaning all the gunk - gross!
Cheesebox Jr giving a helping hand
I also decided to try to fix that leaky pipe under the kitchen sink.  I found a plastic washer that I had bought before and it fit perfectly in the pipe.  Woo!  But, when I tried to screw the metal ring back on to connect the drain basket to the pipe, it just wouldn't screw on.  What the?  I took off the metal ring and discovered that it has a big crack in and is breaking off.  So, off to the home improvement store I go tomorrow to get some pieces for the dishwasher and leaky sink.  Will I ever finish these?   The house is still winning - argh!

House:  7,  Me:  4

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