Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kitchen Blinds - 05/29/11

Welcome to my blog!  Although I've been a homeowner for almost 2 years now, I feel like I'm brand new to this whole home-owning thing.  Somewhat recently, I've had to start doing things by myself.  Now, I've never been totally helpless when it comes to doing things around the house - I know how to use a lot of (ok, some) tools and not afraid to get dirty, but I definitely don't have a green thumb and there's a lot of stuff about owning a home that I just don't know.  Having help this whole time has been a great comfort, but now I'm on. my. own.  Ack!

This week, has been the week to test my patience with homeownership.  I discovered a leaky pipe under my kitchen sink.  After struggling for about 1/2 hour just to screw the metal ring on the pipe back into place with plumber's putty, I was almost in tears.  It really shouldn't have been such a struggle, but I guess not having all the appropriate tools doesn't help.  So, I let the putty dry for a couple of days and tested the waters (see what I did there?) and low-and behold - no leaky pipe!  YAY!  However, today I decided to make sure that there was still no leak and learned that some water was still leaking - I didn't use enough putty.  BOO!  Lesson learned: use appropriate tools.

Today's project:  hang two sets of blinds in my big kitchen window.  I knew that there may be snafus along the way, but in all, I figured it would be a fairly uncomplicated task.  Um, yeah, was I wrong!  I guess having some arm strength is good for doing projects around the house as this seemed to be my downfall today.  Trying to drill holes through metal framing, while standing on a kitchen counter in an awkward position is not as easy as it sounds (ha!) - at least to someone who doesn't have a lot of strength.  And did I mention I had to do this twice because I had two sets to do?  I'm sure I'll have some soreness tomorrow.  Sigh.  Lesson learned:  start lifting weights.

Ta da
House: 2, Me: 1/2

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