Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kitchen Handles: Fail! - 05/30/11

Today's project:  put handles on my kitchen cabinets/drawers.  This will entail drilling holes and making sure to put the handles in the correct spots.  After not getting much sleep and yesterday's debacle with the kitchen blinds, I'm wiped out and sore!  We'll see how much I'll get done today.  Wish me luck!

Update:  After resting up my sore back for a lot of the day, I decided to get to work on the handles.  I had already planned ahead by taking lots of measurements and even made templates (thanks for the suggestion, Cheesebox!).  I carefully drilled the holes in the drawer - making sure that they were in the right places.  Was very proud of myself for doing it so easily!  As I placed the screw into the hole, well wouldn't you know know it - the drawer face was too thick.  The screw didn't even make it through all the way!  So, I checked and all of my drawers and cabinet doors are thicker than the screws that came with the handles.  Curses!!!  So frustrating!  I gave up.  I decided that I'll just make a trip to Home Depot on another day to get the longer screws instead of messing with it today.  Lesson learned:  make sure to take measurements of things like screws!

House: 3, Me:1/2

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