Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Scotts Snap Spreader

About two months or so ago, I had the great luck to win a Scotts Snap Spreader from a giveaway by Beckie at Infarrantly Creative.  If you've never heard of it, check it out here on their website.   I usually don't enter giveaways unless it's a product that I really need and I sure needed something like this.  I had actually thought about buying a spreader because my yard was in dire need, but thought I'd try the giveaway first.  What luck!

When I first looked at my house before buying it, the yard was pretty brown and you could tell that there were specific spots in the yard that looked like they were problem spots.  The yard was seeded before I got the keys and it came back pretty nicely, but you could still tell where the problem spots were if the grass didn't get watered enough.  Anyways, long story short, there were issues with the timer and valves and my water didn't get watered for a few weeks before it was fixed.  It was looking pretty bad.  Here's a picture of the front yard...

And back yard...

My poor lawns.  I adjusted the timer and the valve was fixed, so I decided to put my brand new Scotts Snap Spreader to use.  It came with a bag of fertilizer, so that's what I used.  One bag was just enough for both my front and back yards (I probably could have used a bit more, but it worked out fine).   It was super easy to use too!  All you do is "snap" the bag in, lock it in place, and just start pushing the spreader where you want to use it and the stuff just comes right out!  There's no mess!  And if you don't need to use the whole bag, you just take it out of the spreader and the bag self seals.  Pretty awesome.  My new spreader even has it's own place on the garage wall.  :)

After just a couple of weeks, my yards were looking better.
 BEFORE (back yard)


BEFORE (front yard)

I know it's really hard to tell from the pictures above, but I can see the difference in person.  Most of the backyard was brown and now there's a lot more green.  And I can see within the brown patches that some of the green grass came back.  From what I understand, a good time to seed your lawn is in the early fall, so I'll be seeding these dead spots in another month to try to bring them back and my new Scotts Snap Spreader will make this job waaaay easier for me.
***Note:  This post was not sponsored by Scotts Snap Spreader.  This is just my own personal review of the product.

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  1. Your house is coming along so good. I love the "new" guest room, it turned out awesome. The lawn is always a battle especially with this heat. It's getting greener and greener, good job. Love the spreader.


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