Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cleaning Supply Closet

Today, I bring you a quick post about my cleaning supply closet.  I know - exciting stuff!  My house is small, so it's important for me to be as organized as possible to maximize the space I do have.  Shall I take you for the grand tour? (kicking and screaming?)

I decided to keep the shelf and rod just in case I want to use it as a coat closet.  On the shelf:  I used a shower tote to corral cleaning supplies that I use on a regular basis.  This way, I can just grab the whole tote and carry it from room to room.  Next to the tote, is a basket that I put all the extra cleaning supplies like Swiffer dusters, extra vacuum/dust buster parts, and cleaners not used regularly.  Below the shelf:  I hung another basket on the wall to hold all of the plastic shopping bags that I reuse.  I also have a broom, mop, and dustpan hanging from nails on the left side there to free up floor space.

On the floor:  I have a step stool (I'm planning to get one of those Command hooks to hang it from), and bucket.  I'm still debating if I should just put the bucket out in the garage or just hang it inside this closet to free up more floor space.  But, for now, on the floor it sits.  I also have my Shark vacuum and Shark Vac & Steam - I love that they don't take up much room!
**Update** I bought the Command Hook that is for holding stools like this.  Even though the stool is not super wide, it still allows even more space on the floor by hanging it on the wall.

And finally, here is the newest addition to my closet. 
I recently received a hand-me-down ironing board and had to spruce it up.  So, I bought a new, pretty cover for only $7 at Walmart.  I had also been eyeballing these hanger/rack thingies.  I found this one at Lowe's to hang over the door.  It was $20, but after much research, I figured this was a fair price for similar ones.  Any others I saw I would either have to drive far or pay for shipping, so they all turned out to be the same.  I love that it also has a basket for the the iron and spray bottle or other laundry items.  

I noticed that whenever I shut the closet door, the ironing board would open a bit.  It got to be very annoying.  I thought and thought and couldn't think of a way to fix this.  Finally, I remembered that I had this huge, honkin' rubber band.  When I was on vacation, we took a boat trip and this rubber band was wrapped around a pair of fins. It ended up making it's way into my bag and back home with me.   So, glad I kept it because this worked perfectly!  I just wrapped it around the top of the board and around the leg and it stays together whenever the door is opened and closed.  Sweet!

My closet may not be as pretty as Tater Tots & Jello's (LOVE!)...
Via Tater Tots & Jello
...but it's organized and it's easy to take items in & out.  Maybe one day my closet will grow up to be like hers!

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