Monday, May 30, 2016

Disney Princesses Zippered Pillow

So, I was originally supposed to share this post several months ago, but kind of forgot.  Oopsie.  I have been trying to learn more sewing techniques and this one might be a game changer - sewing with zippers!  I made this Disney Princesses pillow for my niece for her birthday and she LOVED it!

I used this tutorial by Hey There, Home to guide me, so you should use that tutorial (don't use mine as this isn't a full tutorial - just wanted to highlight the important steps).  I have now forgotten the measurements, but I just used the pillow form measurements and added an extra 1/2" per side for a sewing allowance.   **Note: I made sure to wash the fabric first, so that when the pillow cover needed to be removed and washed, it wouldn't shrink and not fit the pillow later**

Following the tutorial, I bought the correct zipper size and with pins, marked where the zipper starts and stops.

Again, using the tutorial, I sewed a temporary stitch (hard to see in the picture).  This will be your guide to help sew your zipper in straight and will be removed after you sew in the zipper.

Using this temporary stitch to help guide me, I pinned the zipper in place.

I don't have a zipper foot, but was able to make do with a regular foot.  However, it would be ideal to use a zipper foot as it makes it easier to sew around the zipper teeth and zipper pull - so I will be getting one for future projects.  Once I finished the rest of the pillow cover, I  just turned it right side out & slid in the pillow form.  Voila!

If you were ever on the fence about trying to make a zippered pillow cover, I suggest you try it.  It's really easy!

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