Monday, August 10, 2015

Updated Kitchen Shelves

Hey there - long time, no write!  Life's been busy in so many ways, so this little blog has taken a backseat.  I would love to be blogging more frequently again, but that won't happen until things slow down a bit more.  Until then, I'll pop on every once in awhile to share things.

Recently, I put in new shelving in the kitchen.
The black shelves I put up awhile ago were shelves I bought when I first bought my house 6 years ago.  I had planned to use them as bedside tables in my master bedroom, but never used them since I bought other tables instead.  So, up they went in the kitchen.  I really liked having these shelves up, but the style of the shelves were a little too traditional for my taste (they're not bad, just not really "me").

I'd been eyeballing these Ikea shelves for a really long time and finally got them on my last trip there.  I really like that they are more of a floating type of shelf.  I also prefer a darker wood finish, but they didn't have any for use with the Bjarnum brackets, so I got the birch veneer finish.  And I was surprised at how much I like the lighter color!

Eventually, the dark brown walls will get changed out for dark gray walls.

And the "Teatles" artwork was from one of my best friends from her London trip.  She knows how much I love the Beatles and the tea theme seemed best for the kitchen.  LOVE!

I did have to cut down the shelves a bit since they were a smidge too long.  A little bit of sawing at 12am on a weeknight?  Sure!  My parents came to stay with me for a few days this month, so I used that as an excuse to finally get the shelves up on the wall.  Nothing like a little last minute, late night DIY.

Sorry for the cel phone photos - that's what I'm rollin' with these days since I'm a bit too lazy to break out the good camera.  Thanks for stopping by!

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