Monday, October 20, 2014

DIY Minnie Mouse Pumpkin Shirt

Just popping in to share a quick project...I actually made this t-shirt a year ago for my niece.   I got the t-shirt at Michael's (similar to this).  They are pretty cheap to buy & if they're not on sale, you can use a coupon.

There are different brands of iron-on transfer paper.  I'm currently using Jolee's brand, but I've used the Avery brand before too.  Either works fine - just make sure to buy the type for the color shirt you are using (there's one for white fabric & one for colored fabric).  The instructions will be included with the packet, so you can just follow those.

I found this image through a Google search.  Whatever image you end up using, just make sure to reverse the image if it has writing on it - that way when you iron it on, it will come out the correct way.

The shirt was actually too big for her last year.  It's still a bit big for her, so we tied it at the side on the bottom to bring it in.  I also used orange ribbon on the sleeves to pull those up a bit more, but one of the ribbons fell off early on in the day, so I'll need to fix that.

Have you ever used iron-on transfer paper to make things?  I've used it for t-shirts, pillows, tote bags, & even a dog bed - it's a great way to personalize things & make them your own and really easy to do!

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