Monday, March 24, 2014

So, This Happened...(And An Almost Studio Reveal)

I think I've mentioned before that life has been pretty busy lately (therefore, the lack of posts).  I was starting to get back on a DIY kick and then this happened...

I fell on the stairs at work...on Friday night on my way out the the end of my shift (why couldn't it have happened at the beginning of my shift - ha).  My co-worker decided to re-enact what happened (although, it didn't quite happen like that).

My friend also thought he would create this little collage as a description of what happened (again, not quite exactly what happened).
Yeah, my friends are funny like that.  And honestly, after the initial shock of falling on my booty, I laughed pretty hard...until it started really hurting.  :(

So, this was my comfort this past weekend.

The studio is thiiiiiiiiiiis close to being done.  I've been steadily working on it the last couple of weeks.  I was going to work on the gallery wall (for above the Ikea shelf on the right) this weekend, but with a sprained ankle, that didn't happen.

So, that is your teaser picture for now.  I'm just glad it's close to being done.  The new arrangement in the room has been much better for working on projects, but once it gets the final clean-up and final organization, it will be way more functional.

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  1. oh man, hope you feel better! i fell on our trip last year, and had to hobble around and take pain pills. it sucked! hope the brownies worked.

  2. OUCH!! That looks so painful! Poor girl :( Your friends & co-workers are too funny creating the reenactment and collage - lol! Goonies (I haven't seen that in FOREVER) + brownies!! Why wasn't I invited?! ;) LOVE the teaser picture! You're doing such a fantastic job! Excited for you that you're so close to finishing!! Hope you're all healed up SOON!!


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