Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Home Depot Tiling Workshop

Back in July, I took advantage of one of Home Depot's free workshops on how to tile.  I still haven't gotten to my master bath remodel and hoped this might kick me into gear.  There was only a few other people who attended, which made it nice so we could have time to ask questions.

The instructor of the workshop showed us our options of tools that would be needed for different types of tiling projects.

He then took us step-by-step through the tiling process.  The only thing I wished he had done was allow us each to be hands-on with the demonstration - especially because our workshop had so few attendees.  But, he did take his time in explaining and sharing some tips & tricks.

After the workshop, I made sure to ask any questions I had and took notes.  I also spoke with a couple of other women who attended and learned what they had planned for their projects (one was tiling a backsplash and the other was flooring).  The workshop instructor took his time with us afterwards to explain about tile and answered their questions about their specific projects.

While I was looking at tile, I snapped a couple of pictures of ones I liked.  I'm leaning towards white subway tile.  It's stuck in my brain for the last year or so, so this might be the winner.  It's classic and versatile - if I ever decide to change up the bathroom decor, it will go with pretty much anything.  The only thing about this tile is that it's small, so that means lots of grout lines to clean (as opposed to the bigger 12x12 tile).

These pretty glass tiles might make a good accent.  Although I'm not sure if the square shape would go with the rectangular shape of the subway tile.  But, it's something to think about.

I'd also like to eventually replace the flooring in the house and this wood-looking tile was really nice!  They would be good for a bathroom too, since the tile would handle the moisture better than wood or laminate.

So, I walked away from the workshop with a little more knowledge about the process and some better ideas for the remodel.  My main issue with the remodel right now is the placement of the bath/shower and the toilet - whoever designed the bathroom did not think it through!  I would like to completely move the toilet to a different spot so the shower will have better placement.  However, this can be costly and it's just a matter of how much it will be (although, I'm willing to splurge on this and diy most everything else) and then I can move on with the rest of my decisions and finally get this thing going!

Have you ever done a workshop at Home Depot or Lowes before?  I'm looking forward to going to more of them!

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