Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

Yes, yes - I know Halloween is officially over, but I wanted to share a few pictures from last night (yep - trying to drag out my favorite holiday as long as I can).

Here is the newer version of my Cleopatra costume...I got extra accessories at the last minute (gold coin necklace, armband, snake ring) and a new haircut!  Side note:  I love my new haircut, but it takes me such a long time to do my hair when it's short, which is why I rarely have it short.  But, I've been wanting a change and I donated to Locks of Love while I was at it.  :)

Here's a close up of my updated Cleopatra eye makeup - much better than the other night at the party.  And seriously, how freakin' cute is my niece?!  She was Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" - our costumes sort of match! 

My nephew decided to skip on the trick-or-treating.  He just wanted to pass out candy and socialize with the trick-or-treaters.   Party pooper.

And my two cutie-pie nephews who live out of town - we have Batman and a zookeeper here!  I love those little guys - wish we lived closer so I could do the trick-or-treating with them too. 

And a BIIIIIIIIIIG happy birthday to the zookeeper!  He turns 2 today!

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  1. your new haircut is super cute! i have short hair, too, and people think it should take less time, but they are wrong, capital W!!

    the accessories and eyeliner MAKE the costume! great!


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