Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Fun - Disneyland

I have the great fortune of living in Southern California - great weather (did I mention it was like 85 degrees and clear outside today?), beaches, mountains, desert, and...Disneyland!  I have an annual pass and friends that work there, so I go often.  My favorite time of year to go is "Halloweentime" - they really have gotten into decorating for Fall & Halloween in the last several years and I love it.  They change Space Mountain into "Ghost Galaxy" with a scary-skeleton-ghost-thing chasing you through the ride and the Haunted Mansion is turned into "Haunted Mansion Holiday" with characters from "The Nightmare Before Christmas".  My favorite thing about Halloweentime there are the carved pumpkins.  They bring in a carving expert and she carves the most amazing pumpkins and does them on-site too.   I took my nephew with me about a week and half ago and here are some pictures from this year's Halloweentime...

Thunder Mountain Railroad
Scared of my nephew's driving on the Autopia. Haha

Oh, and did I mention the Disney characters dress up in costume too?  :)

They also had a few free games for the kids to play

Witch hat ring toss

Fortune Teller's Wheel of Fortune
The guy made us do funny poses at the Wheel of Fortune

Haunted Mansion Holiday

And here are those wonderful carved pumpkins!
Ichabod Crane
Captain Hook


The two-faced Mayor

The two-faced Mayor


Mickey Mouse

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  1. Fun post, Chrissy!! Fall is my favorite time to go to Disney World!! I love all the decor and the carved pumpkins everywhere there too! Since I've never experienced Disneyland at Halloweentime it was a treat to see the pics you shared here! ;)

    ~Brenda @ChattingOverChocolate.blogspot.com


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