Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lawn Update

Hey there!  The painting-of-the-french doors project is on hold for now because I've been working on something else that I'm trying to get done before my big trip (more on both later).  So, today I'm going to share the progress of my backyard lawn.  A month ago, I shared this post about my poor, poor front and back lawns.

Here's my yard from 2 1/2 months ago (it looked pretty bad):

Here it is about 2 months ago (after I fertilized it using my Scott's Snap Spreader):

Here it is a month ago (getting better!):

And just yesterday:

The front yard is looking much better too.   The lawn fertilizer I used with my brand new Scott's Snap Spreader worked really well to whip my lawn back into shape.  As you can see, there's still some dead spots.  And I mean DEAD.  We've had a pretty crazy summer here in Southern California - really hot spells, mixed in with thunderstorms, rain and humidity and it wreaked havoc with my yards.  I'm planning to get a bag of seed soon and I'll seed these dead spots (and any other weak spots) and try to get them back to life.  I'm really pleased with how easy the Scott's Snap Spreader worked and that it worked pretty well too!

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