Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Adventures in Taping off French Door Windows

I'm currently working on painting my french doors.  They're not going to be any cool color.  Just plain 'ole white.  The doors came with the house and are already primed.  I originally thought they were just a weird shade of white, but at some point, I figured out that they are just primed.  I'm pretty observant like that.  So, I'm finally getting around to painting them, but have come across some issues that have slowed me down a bit.  One of the issues is all the windows.  There are two doors and two sidelites, for a grand total of 30 windows.  Yep, 3-0. And it's been annoying to tape off the corners of the windows, because ya know, painters tape doesn't rip in a perfect straight line and I can't cut a perfectly straight line (to make a 90 degree angle).  I've tried different things and so far, it seems like the tape is the easiest and quickest thing.

Does anyone have any easier tips on how to tape off this many windows (or another way to not get paint on the windows) without me pulling all my hair out?

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