Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Printables: Labels

This heat is really driving me nuts.  I can't get anything done.  I have lots of projects I want to do and just have no motivation because of the heat.  I actually started two projects awhile back, but haven't finished yet.  One of the projects is finally painting my french doors & new front door (they both came already primed white).  I am stalled right now because I need to figure out a couple of things before I can really get going at it.  I'll keep my thinking cap on, though.

The other project involves organizing all of my leftover paint.  I got stalled on this one too because I needed to go buy some cardstock, which I finally did this past weekend.  So, I finished making my labels for the paint cans and while I was at it, I made some labels for some plastic storage bins.

Centsational Girl wrote a great post on how she organized her paint.  I love those little paint cans she used to store them in and the labels are cute!  She got the labels from Brooklyn Limestone's post about how she organized her paint, so I promptly downloaded the labels and saved them for when I was ready to organize my paint.  The labels are saved as a .PDF file, so I was able to type in the brand, color name, date purchased, and rooms that I used the paint in all on these little cute labels - all the info I need in one place.

This next set of labels I got from the Better Homes & Garden website and I've used them for different projects (including in the garage and in the craft room).   They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors so they work for any type of needs.  These labels are going on plastic bins that will be stored in the guest room closet (oh boy - reorganizing the guest room closet is a whole other project itself!).

So, even though I didn't do any major projects, at least I got a few things done this weekend while trying to stay cool.  

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